Frequently Asked Questions About Holistic Psychology, Alternative Therapy, Holistic Psychology Education, Holistic New Psychology and Dr. Jeanette

1. Exactly what is the New Psychology?

The New Psychology is an alternative therapy approach that is holistic in nature. Holistic means you are viewed as a whole person, with mind, body and spirit. The Holistic New Psychology focuses on your strengths and shows you how to use them to become strong, creative, healthy and happy. The Holistic New Psychology does not give you a treatment and send you home. Instead, you learn how to find your own answers and trust your inner core. It is based on learning research, energy awareness, body awareness, healthy emotional expression and physical laws.

2. How is the New Psychology different from Talk Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Psychoanalysis, and other traditional psychological approaches?

The old psychology is based on a medical model. The labels you receive are frequently based on judgmental beliefs about different cultures, lifestyles and gender. The New Psychology breaks free from these mental biases and offers you reliable learning research and safe, effective answers to real problems. Visit here for a complete holistic psychology definition.

3. How do I know the New Psychology Information is credible?

Dr. Doris Jeanette earned her Doctor of Psychology degree from Baylor University and completed a Post Doc from Temple Medical School with the eminent Dr. Joseph Wolpe in Behavior Therapy and Sex Therapy. This means she is grounded in learning research and the traditional methods of psychological healing.

After her Post Doc, while working at the Feminist Therapy Collective in Philadelphia, Dr. Jeanette began to develop her own system of emotional health and mental health. When clients did not respond to traditional methods, she began to create new ways of reaching them. Some Borderline, Chronic Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder clients seemed lost in a place unreachable.

Doris remembered how she felt as a child sitting in her maple tree and walking in the forest on the farm. The healthy energy in Mother Nature guided Dr. Jeanette back to her whole body living and the vital energy of the cosmos. She also studied with master energy teachers such as Jack Swartz and Barbara Brennon to become more skillful.

Opening her heart and solar plexus catapulted Dr. Jeanette into new, emotional territory that was exciting and thrilling. The vibrant moment was where Doris wanted to live. Dr. Doris Jeanette’s unique contribution is discovering how people can access the vital energy in the heart and emotional body for holistic health and vitality.

4. How can I be sure the New Psychology will work for me?

You have to decide what works for you. Many people are not ready to be responsible for their own health and happiness. Not everyone is ready to dive deep and go for the inner gold.

The goal of the New Psychology is to give you the tools and information you need to be the person you were born to be. Click below to read a description of the type of person who usually benefits from Dr. Jeanette’s holistic psychology approach.

5. How do I get a degree in Holistic Psychology? Are there any schools that teach an alternative therapy?

If you land on a web site that says it is a Holistic Psychology school with a pop up window or google ads, keep looking.

At this moment there are not many valid, trustworthy professional degrees in Holistic Psychology offered by a school which is accredited. What this means is if you want to be licensed by any state in the USA, you need to get a degree from a school that is accredited. Check with each school as their accreditation can change at any time.

The Center for New Psychology offers a Holistic New Psychology training program. This is a clinical program, not an academic program. Therapists learn how to add Holistic New Psychology information, tools and wisdom to their own unique way of helping people.

In addition, there are some schools which offer psychology programs that are more holistic and alternative than the traditional psychology schools.

Here are two alternative therapy schools to check out if you are interested.

A. The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Dr. Jeanette interviewed, Dr. Charles Tart, who used to teach at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology on her radio show, Live at the Edge. They discussed the future of psychology. Doris loved Dr. Tart’s book, “Waking Up.”

B. California Institute of Integral Studies

Dr. Doris Jeanette interviewed Dr. Carol Christ, who used to teach at this school on her radio show, Live at the Edge about the feminine transformational model that is different from the traditional male model. Doris loved reading Carol’s book, “Diving Deep and Resurfacing.”

6. How can I learn about Holistic Psychology?

The Center for New Psychology offers two ways to be trained in holistic work. Clinical skills can only be learned through direct experience. You can learn clinical, holistic skills with or without a prior degree. You can integrate Holistic Psychology principles into any work you are doing to heal and help humans. You can be an MD, massage therapist, RN, energy worker, body worker, psychologist, social worker or simply a loving human being.

A. Therapist Training in Holistic Psychology:

Dr. Doris Jeanette is interested in training therapists who will use their knowledge to help others.

B.  Individual Professional Energy Intensives can be privately arranged to meet your needs. These can be a two or three day Energy intensive set up at any time during the year in Philadelphia, PA or Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We co-create the exact program you need to learn about energy and emotions. Click here to learn more about

7. Is it safe for me to put my credit card information on your website?

Yes, this site is secured by a SSL certificate which provides 256 bit encryption. That’s the highest level of online encryption and security possible. Visit here for a list of holistic psychology products, self audio, anxiety online courses and self study courses.

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