Dr. Doris Jeanette’s Original Holistic New Psychology Empowers People

Her Alternative Therapy is Effective, Bodyful and Based on Energy

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Contact Dr. Doris Jeanette

Since 1976, Dr. Doris Jeanette has followed the lead of her clients searching for real solutions to real problems. Using her professional training in Behavior Therapy, Sex Therapy, Feminist Therapy and Learning Research, she developed an Alternative Therapy.

Her New Holistic Psychology adds body awareness, healthy emotional expression and energy awareness to the large body of knowledge psychologists have documented about how humans can unlearn the unhealthy things that they learned from their past.

In addition to learning research, clients and students are schooled in body language, energy language, the laws of physics and metaphysics and how to trust themselves and be suspicious of false beliefs.

Dr. Jeanette is author of Opening the Heart and 14 self help products. She welcomes media interviews and educational experiences.

Doris has time for a limited number of creative adventures, master classes at universities or institutes, Energy Intensives and Nature Workshops. If you are interested in joining a Therapist Training Group, email her to discuss your interest.

e-mail Doris and discuss your needs with her or call (215)732-6197.

  • Call 215-732-6197

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