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Color Therapy Question and Answer

Color Therapy Question

Can you give me any information on the effect the color of the clothes I wear has on other people? i.e. the effect of particular colors. Peter Kroll

Holistic Psychology Color Therapy Answer

Colors are one of the most exciting experiences in life. I love them and resonate with them, just as I do with our emotions. Is it any wonder that the two are so intimate? The fact that colors affect your emotions has been well established.

In terms of your question about clothes, the color that you choose to wear could reflect your current state of being. Or it could reflect the color that you need more of in order to be balanced. You need to do a little research to see how you are using color. Or how color is using you!

People who wear black are often reflecting the somber lack of feeling and lack of color. For example, imagine the dramatic images I recently saw in the Greek countryside. As we drove through the villages, there were several women in each field dressed in black. Therefore, the country side was dotted with many black dresses. For cultural reasons, Greek women are pressured into wearing black for years and years after their husband’s death. Therefore, the countryside was full of women dressed in black working in the fields. This created heavy energy in the women wearing black and in the people looking at them.

The feeling was so heavy, I would call the vibration of the black in the fields— depression. Depression is a lack of feeling and a lack of color. You can use Color Therapy to treat depression because color encourages your authentic emotions to come forward. When you start to feel your emotions, the numbness of depression disappears.

The colors you wear affect you much more than they affect the people around you.

Of course the colors you wear also affect anyone who comes in contact with you. However, you are the one saturated with the color all day! So whatever clothes you wear are affecting your mood and vibrations all day long.

I sometimes chose the clothes I wear based on the color I need for the day. It is very helpful to consciously use color to give yourself an emotional lift. For example, a certain vibration can help you feel better, give you the energy you need to be assertive or help you experience an emotion that needs to be expressed.

Colors, sounds and emotions are all vibrations. Emotions are literally energy in motion, which means that they are meant to move and flow. This is the reason feeling your real emotions is one of the fastest ways to increase your energy flow.

The greater your energy flow, the better your holistic health and the more vibrant you are in body and mind.

If you could see your emotions, you would see colors. Your emotions are what give color to your life. You need all the colors to be healthy and balanced. You need all your emotions to be healthy and balanced.

Notice the colors that you do not like and you will be aware of the emotions that you are avoiding. Any color that you reject indicates emotions that you are rejecting. The emotions that you are rejecting indicate the parts of yourself that you are not accepting.

For example, if red makes you uncomfortable or if you don’t like it, you are probably avoiding the emotions that red elicits. Red is the color of action. It is an “I am” feeling. ” I exist, I am present, I am physical, I am strong.” It is no accident that red is used in the military and in the “Red Light” district in town! Red stirs you. Red is a strong, sexual and powerful vibration. People are often judgmental about red because its strong vibration scares them.“People who wear red just want to be noticed” is a judgment I frequently hear. For this reason, red takes self-confidence to wear. Red is extremely important for good physical health. Therefore, you need to get comfortable with red if you want to be strong and sturdy.

You need a healthy dose of red to be vibrant. Remember it is not wrong or bad that you do not like a certain color, it simply provides information for you to explore. Neither is there any color that is bad nor good. Each of us needs different colors at different times to balance ourselves. Each day and each moment is a different color. This is the reason it is so important to flow in the moment. There IS NO ONE ANSWER.

Each moment is a different reality. If you want to be healthy and happy you must learn to flow with each moment anew.

Color is everywhere. It is in your skin, it exists around you and occurs even in sound. Scriabin, a wonderful Russian composer, saw the color that is in sound. I first heard of this phenomenon in a graduate psychology class at Baylor University, taught by a musician. If you let yourself feel sound, you begin to feel the colors that are in sound. Vibrations are the reason Isadora Duncan, Mother of Modern Dance, could dance the music exactly the way the composer felt it when he wrote it. She felt the emotions in the colors, in the music, through her solar plexus.Then she let her body freely express what she experienced. These kinds of colorful, exciting experiences are what you can look forward to as you increase your ability to feel.

The most important thing you need to do is develop your own sensitivity to color. Your experience of color is what is important, not someone else’s.

There are different systems of colors, just as there are different systems of practically everything else. I know three different systems and there are others. I suggest you study and work with the person or system that attracts you. Study with someone who uses Color Therapy or use home study guides to help you learn more about the colors you need.

I use Sound and Color Therapy in my personal and professional work. All my workshops and classes include color and sound. My nature workshops have many Color Therapy exercises that help you feel color more with your whole body.

Color Awareness Creates Peak Experiences

Using Color Therapy to help you feel your emotions is a fast way to open up to a transcendental state. I prefer to think of it as the natural, free-flowing state. When your energy is flowing, colors are always brighter and clearer than in a mental, mundane, boring state. This is the reason I call my free holistic psychology newsletter, “The Vibrant Moment.”

If you sign up for my free holistic psychology newsletter, “The Vibrant Moment,” you get a more detailed free special report on color therapy called, “Feeling Blue? Green or Golden? The Secret Power of Color.” There is a sign up box at the end of this article.

My most recent peak experience with color was at the Philadelphia Flower Show courtesy of the white tulips from Holland. I had always known white had all of the colors in it, but I had never seen or felt these vibrations in white. White was white. However, when I turned and saw a large field of beautiful, white tulips standing up straight against bright green grass, I suddenly experienced brilliant colors radiating off the perfectly pristine white tulips. Wow! Awesome. For real. Now, I experience the different colors in white more often as real live vibrations!

Look forward to these kinds of peak experiences. Sense color in your environment. Add the colors you need. Notice how color affects you. Use your intuition to experiment with different colors with different people on different days–notice how you feel. Notice how others react to you. Notice when you feel equal and close to others.

The more consciously you tune into color, the more your awareness expands. Soon you will be feeling your emotions and sensing the colors in your emotions. Soon you will be more alive and healthy.


In rose-peach tones, Aloha.

copyright, 1999

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