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Weight Loss Question:

I am so fat and feel so helpless in doing anything about it. I have lost weight three times successfully and each time I gain the weight back. Can you help a fat, helpless person? Anonymous


I am happy you have the courage to ask this question. Here is hope and an original, natural way of achieving weight loss. The way to make weight loss permanent is to address the cause of what makes you gain weigh in the first place.

Otherwise you gain the weight right back again, just as you have in the past!

The old, ineffective approach to weight loss is to try to control yourself and make yourself “do” the right thing. The right thing is to lose weight. The “make yourself do the right thing” approach results in a high percentage of people, almost 95%, who gain their weight back.

You hear it all the time: “Use your will power and self control and don’t overeat. This is the only way to lose weight.” Or “Get the right diet and stay on it and you will lose weight.” “Just exercise and you will lose weight.”

None of this controlling weight loss advice is helpful or accurate.

These controlling approaches to weight loss, attempts to control an out of control situation. Controlling yourself will always fail. Not only does controlling yourself fail, it decreases your joy and pleasure in life. You don’t want to do that!

Controlling and out of control energy are unhelpful so you want to stop being out of control or in control. You can learn to regulate your energy so that you do not let your body, life or environment get out of control. “Opening the Heart,” my emotional health guide teaches you how to recognize and break free from control and out of control energy.

10 Steps that Lead to Permanent Weight Loss

1. Admit you are a mess and allow yourself to be overwhelmed.

This is the first step toward permanent weight loss.

Congratulate yourself on accepting your overweight reality and acknowledging how overwhelmed and helpless you really do feel. Being overweight is no fun.

The truth is, your extra weight has been serving a function and it is impossible to dismiss this need. You must learn how to meet your need in a more healthy fashion.

Instead of trying to control yourself and make yourself be thin, you need to find and be your natural self. You need to be real and love the real you. This new natural weight loss program works because it deals with the source, the root of what makes you eat too much in the first place. Working at the root is the only way to make sure your weight loss is permanent.

Know that your best, natural self is not fat. Just take a look at the animals you share this earth with, are they fat? No. The only fat cats are the ones who have been pets. You do not want to be a pet, you want to be free and healthy.

Fat cats live in a controlled environment. They have been overfed by their owners and not allowed to roam the world. You have been controlling yourself like a fat cat.

You want a new, natural weight loss program which is healthy and gives you permanent weight loss. Give up special diets and stop controlling yourself. Instead, break free and meet your emotional needs.

2. Do something new and radical.

Listen and look inward. Consider your extra fat as a message from your body. Consider your extra fat as a message from your emotional self. Your need to overeat is definitely a screaming message to you. Listen and learn about the truths inside of you.

3. Feel your feelings.

The movement of your vital emotional energy burns up fat. When you feel your feelings, you access your vital energy. Do you know that fat slows you down?

If you let your emotional energy move through your body, things start to change and rearrange quickly and fast. This is a radically different, natural and new weight loss program. It gives you permanent weight loss because your body and self-esteem change.

It is common knowledge a fat person has a hard time thinking of him or herself as thin, even after they lose the weight. This is because they have not improved their self esteem or emotional health. Their identity is still fat, bad and ugly.

Are you hiding sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse with your weight? Are you avoiding anxiety about any of these real events in your life? Are you avoiding fear about any of the events in your past?

4. Approach your current, overweight situation in terms of a discovery rather than drudgery.

Then you will have a lighter, more hopeful movement toward your goal. This applies to any and all messes, not just weight gain.

5. Stop trying to lose weight.

Instead put your energy and focus into improving your self esteem and achieving emotional health. Face your fear and anxiety and let go of negative body memories. Face your sexual abuse and get the fear and anxiety out of your body.

Put your energy into finding and loving your authentic emotional self. “Opening the Heart ” helps you find and love your emotional self. Effective self esteem work is permanent and changes your body forever.

The truth: When your need to over eat is no longer present, you do not overeat anymore!

Your fat decreases as you allow your vital energy to flow through your body. When you are dancing, joyful and moving all the time, fat burns right off your bones. Get rid of the heavy emotional and physical load you have been carrying.

6. Accept your current, overweight self with love.

Use understanding and compassion. Cultivate these qualities and give them to yourself. When you accept yourself right where you are, you feel better.

This act of self-acceptance is what begins the movement. There is an alive, vital person inside of you who wants to be free. Your real emotional self wants to have fun, play and enjoy life. You want to rock!

7. Remember: Your situation is not bigger than life; it is your life.

Since it is your life, you can solve your real problems. You can have fun along the way toward more self esteem and more relaxation. Do not exaggerate the out of control problem or your helplessness, instead face your real problems and deal with facts.

8. Focus on how you eat.

This is a test to see and find what is the source of your overweight problem. See how successful you can be with eating in a healthy, relaxed fashion. Note any discomfort and be honest with yourself. Do not fool yourself if you want to be thin, strong and healthy.

Focus on how you eat, not what you eat. Eat what you want and make it special. Sit down to eat with candle light, even for lunch.

Take a deep breath and relax your physical body. Remember you are accepting what is, without judgment. Eating is fun. Smile at yourself in the mirror at the thought of something funny about the situation. I know this is funny to you. This is one of your best qualities; you can always find something comical about “The Overweight Mess!”

Enjoy the food you are going to eat. What a concept. You enjoy eating very much. So slow down and eat as if you loved your food. Eat your food as if it loves you back. Chew it slowly and deliciously. Eating is a sensuous experience. Eating can be orgasmic.

Do not swallow your food until it is chewed up completely. Chew at least 32 times. Savor all the flavor and tastes and textures. Chew it thoroughly, then swallow.

Do not take another bite until this chewed up food hits your stomach. Slow down.

Once it lands in the stomach then take another deep breath and look around you and feel your body in the chair and be grateful for such a delight as being able to eat good food so many times a day. What a trip, what a delightful thing we need to do and get to do. Gratitude is a wonderful aspect to entertain at this point in your meal. Invite Her often to eat with you.

Then put some more of this great tasting divine food in your mouth. Chew it ever so slowly and thoroughly, while relaxing as many of your muscles as you can in your whole body. Feel your physical sensations and any emotional sensations that occur. Again do not take a new bite until the chewed up bite enters your stomach. Stop to take a breath between each bite. Again look around and be grateful for the pleasure of being human.

You will experience discomfort and anxiety when you first attempt to eat this slow. This is excellent.

Now you are becoming aware of the source of your overweight problem. Anxiety! Fear! Scary Emotions! This is the source of your overeating problem. You are anxious and fearful.

Anxiety is what makes you eat too fast and too much in the first place. You are becoming aware of the anxiety that makes you eat too much. You must reduce the anxiety in your body and nervous system if you want permanent weight loss.

9. Your before, during and after weight loss program must include anxiety reduction or you will never achieve permanent weight loss.

The extra fat in your body is due to your real fear and irrational anxiety. The solution is to learn how to reduce your anxiety and face your real fears. A great place to get started and learn how to reduce your anxiety is the Overcoming Anxiety Naturally home study course. Bargain priced and includes the Opening the Heart audio.

10. Feeling your real fear and other real emotions will help you maintain your permanent weight loss.

Permanent weight loss will be yours when you stop avoiding your real fear and other real emotions. You can feel your emotions and use them to empower you as you go through life.

When you face and deal with your real problems your emotional health improves so there is no need to gain your weight back! You are emotionally comfortable and emotionally secure.

Actions Steps That Lead to Permanent Weight Loss:

1. Reduce Your Anxiety. Order Dr. Jeanette’s Overcoming Anxiety Naturally home study course which includes the Opening the Heart audio and 10 written lessons. Click here to read more and order.

2. Overcome Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse. Sexual abuse and physical abuse frequently accompany obesity and overweight issues. Dr. Doris Jeanette is an expert in removing the trauma of sexual abuse and physical abuse from the physical body. Body memories must be addressed as you lose weight in order to keep the weight off. Set up a private consultation with Dr. Jeanette.

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