The Center for New Psychology Offers You an Effective Evidence Based, Bodyful, Alternative Therapy

Holistic New Psychology Principles Teach You How to Use More of Your Human Potential for Self-Actualization and Empowerment.

The Center for New Psychology Offers You an Effective Evidence Based, Bodyful, Alternative Therapy

The Center for New Psychology was founded by Dr. Doris Jeanette in 1999. The Center is based in Philadelphia, PA, USA with a global web site at

The purpose of the Center for New Psychology is to educate the general public and therapists about the alternative therapies that are available that work and are effective.

The Center for New Psychology is strongly opposed to giving legal drugs and medications to children. Our children are creative and full of abundant energy. Inhibiting children from expressing their power and energy is self-destructive and a crime against humanity.

Many people do not know that an Alternative Psychology exists that is safe and effective. Several treatments and solutions are available under the large umbrella of Alternative Therapy. Every month, new scientific studies continue to validate the use of these alternative ways to feel better and be more alive.

After returning from Sweden in 1999, where Dr. Jeanette was teaching the Holistic New Psychology at the University for Global Well-Being, she realized a more powerful method was needed to spread the word about these alternative therapies.

Teaching at the University for Global Well-Being with like minded scientists gave Dr. Jeanette the courage to spread the word about her Alternative Therapy, the Holistic New Psychology. Her original approach is grounded in learning research, body awareness, energy awareness, the laws of physics and metaphysics.

Dr. Amit Goswami was also teaching quantum physics at the University for Global Well-Being in Hoor, Sweden at the same time that Dr. Jeanette was teaching the New Psychology to the students. Doris was delighted to meet Amit, share housing, eat with and attend his classes. Dr. Goswami was featured in the movie, “What the Bleep do We Know” and Dr. Jeanette interviewed him on her radio show, “Live at the Edge.”

Once home, Dr. Jeanette created the Center for New Psychology at as a global place to meet and gather reliable information that can help you achieve better mental health, emotional health and holistic health.

Dr. Doris Jeanette is part of a group of scientists that have been creating new paradigms for science, called New Science. For example, Dr, Goswami calls his paradigm, “science within consciousness,” an idea he explicated in his book, The Self-Aware Universe, where he also explained the quantum measurement problem of the famous observer effect.

Doris is confident that the future psychology will properly teach people how to self-actualize, be free and happy. The purpose of the Center for New Psychology will be fulfilled when more people have access to the knowledge and information they need to take back the power of their own mental health and holistic health into their own hands and heart.

You know what is best for you and you know yourself better than anyone else.

The knowledge of how to heal the body and mind has long been known by the women on the planet. This large collection of medical knowledge was taken away from humanity when Europe wiped out the healers by burning them at the stake for three hundred years. This point in history is when the wise women were replaced by male doctors.

This point in history is also the point in herstory that the men were psychotic for three hundred centuries. The men accused women of sleeping with the devil and were sure she was a witch because she could swim. This reversal of reality is still present today. You need to notice any false belief when it occurs and align yourself with reality.

Some approaches work better for one person than another. This means that each person needs to use their own intuition to make healthy choices for themselves in the moment. What you need today is not what you need tomorrow.

The Center for New Psychology offers personal growth services, emotional health and mental health products and training in holistic psychology.

With the proper education and information, any motivated person can become stronger, healthier and happier.

The Center knows that healthy humans are naturally in harmony with Mother Earth, their planet. In addition, healthy humans are the proper guardian of Mother Earth and gladly protect their physical home. Notice the moon on the left side of the tree under the red leaf.

The Center for New Psychology Donates Money to Improve the World Community

The Center for New Psychology donates money to organizations which prevent problems as well as organizations that heal emotional abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse. When you order any of Dr. Jeanette’s personal growth products you contribute to these organizations. Each year different organization are picked that have the greatest need.

All of the expressive artists, that help us feel the truth about who we are, are high up on the list.

At least 20% of all profits on any product that you buy go to organizations that protect Mother Earth and her children.

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