What is Spiritual Therapy?

The definition of Spiritual Therapy is any alternative therapy that includes the spiritual side of you in treatment. To be a spiritual therapist all you have to do is pay attention to and share your spirit with your client and allow your client to share their spirit with you. As a Spiritual Therapist you allow spiritual energy to flow between you and your client. This exchange of healthy energy empowers both of you with higher, holistic bodyful vibrations, beyond the results of traditional Talk Therapy.

Connecting to your Spirit

Therefore, we need a working definition of spiritual energy: What is spirit? One of my teachers, Jack Swartz, said spirit is “pure unadulterated energy.” His definition of spirit is as good as any I have ever heard. The cosmos is full of pure energy, some call it Divine, Goddess, God energy. Spiritual energy is omnipresent and omnipotent. This means spirit is everywhere and in all things. Quantum physics is validating the presence of spirit in the cosmos.

Since 1983, I have noticed a direct co-relation between increased use of and comfort with a person’s spiritual energy and the reduction of their anxiety and depression. As a spiritual therapist your goal is to help your client develop and use their unique spiritual talents and gifts. The more your clients or students learn to trust and depend on their own inner strengths and intuition, the quicker they reduce their anxiety, depression and any other mental health problems.

If you want to become a spiritual therapist, you need to develop your unique spiritual talents and gift. Beliefs are not the pathway to spiritual energy. Divine energy is experienced directly by feeling it. Use all your senses to feel nature, Mother Earth, color, light, sound, external and inner senses and your own inner voice, which Socrates called his daemon. Socrates often mentioned that he was guided by his inner voice. Use Socrates as a mentor to become wise, rational and connected to the real world around you.

Effective, skillful Spiritual Therapists create a sincere, dynamic, fascinating experience of wonderment and joy for both themselves and their client. Spiritual Healing generates radiate energy for both the therapist and client. This means that Spiritual Therapy does not result in any loss of energy or burn out for the Spiritual Therapist.

The most important first step for any person or therapist to become more spiritual is to begin to remove your judgmental, mental energy that is heavy and stagnant. You need to become aware of your critical, controlling energy in order to say “No” to it and transform your Inner Critic out of your brain, body and energy field.

This means you need to know the difference in energy between your heavy, dark ego energy and your light, bright energy. This would not be so hard if your ego was not so sneaky, manipulate, and persistent! However, your ego is hiding in your unconscious and so clever at deceiving you, that this dark energy is hard to bring to the light of your conscious mind. Note the state of the world today.

Thank the cosmos, power is stronger than control. Once your ego is exposed, it becomes crystal clear the dramatic difference between light and no light. As you learn to read energy, you can tell when you are in your ego energy and when you are in your natural, authentic energy. It is the difference between night and day. Your ego uses control. Your True Self is powerful as it is.

When you know how to read energy, you know what is going on inside of you and outside of you. You cannot be fooled as often by defensive egos, yours or others. The New Holistic Psychology is a Spiritual Therapy that is based on energy and not on theories. The New Holistic Psychology offers Spiritual Therapists an education based on physical and meta-physical laws, not beliefs.

Dr. Jeanette is interested in mentoring, teaching and training therapists, healers and teachers who want to become more effective, skillful Spiritual Therapists. You learn how to empower clients and students with your sincere heart to heart connections and unique spiritual strengths.

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