Do You Have a Broken Heart? Are You Single and Lonely? Is Your Heartache Unbearable?

You Can Learn How To Mend a Broken Heart.

Your lover left you. Or you divorced your partner.

You feel bad. The pain in your heart is so great you want to run away and hide forever. You cannot bear the pain.

When my heart was broken at the age of 34, the heartache and pain in my body was unbearable. I could not sleep or eat. All I could do was cry.

I felt alone, unlovable and betrayed.

It felt like all the trust I had placed in people was ripped and torn away from me.

What I had trusted in, betrayed me.

What I believed in, was no longer valid or true.

My ripping heartache in this unbearable moment was difficult to stay alive in. As I cried up and down my stairs, in my center city home, I vowed to get to the bottom of what was going on inside of me.

I did not know what had happened to my relationship. I did not know how to fix it. All I knew was…I did not want this unbearable emotional pain to ever happen to me again.

As a clinical psychologist I used what I knew to help myself. Therefore, I began to practice what I preached.

I vowed to become more open and loving instead of becoming bitter and closed.

This choice was one of the best I ever made. From this moment on, my heart began to stir, bloom and blossom.

High Praise for Opening the Heart audio: “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love your audio. I’m going to recommend it in my next newsletter.” Dr. Elisabeth Kubler – Ross

“Opening the Heart,” is an emotional health guide into the energy in your heart. You learn how to heal your emotional wounds. Available as CDs, mp3s or ebook.

What Happened?

I did get to the source, the root, of what was going on inside of me.

Almost immediately I found my image self. This part of me had always tried to please others in order to be loved. This was my ego.

This was the part of me that felt insecure and thought she had to be perfect in order to be loved. I had to be the perfect lover, wife and daughter.

I also found my authentic self. My little six year old was hurting, crying and scared. She felt rejected and unloved.

You too can find the part of you that needs emotional healing. When you find, accept and love your emotional self, your self esteem improves and you become emotionally secure.

Using my psychological training and clinical experience, I paid attention to the emotional pain I was going through. I discovered there is a natural healing process.

I let go of control and dropped into my natural process. Soon I was in new, unknown emotional territory.

“Best money I ever spent!! Your warm, soothing voice is very relaxing & reassuring!! The manner in which the audio was made in a natural conversational style, enables a person to visualize you sitting across from them ….speaking to you; it brings LIFE to the tapes!!
–Gail Hill

When I let go of control I reached new emotional depths and began to explore my unconscious.

The “Opening the Heart” self help audio series is the result of what I discovered. This comforting audio gives you a road map into your emotional territory so you can heal yourself.

The natural process and emotional territory is universal. The natural process of healing is reliable and predicable.

I stay with you as a guide while you explore your heartache and broken heart. I share with you what I know so you learn how to drop into your own natural process. Then you will know how to heal your heart.

Benefits of “Opening the Heart” audio.


  1. Feel better immediately.
  2. Realize you are not all bad and wrong.
  3. Find your emotional self who needs love.
  4. Learn to become more loving toward yourself.
  5. Learn the benefits of letting go of your ego which is not your true identify.
  6. Feel more of your heart felt needs and desires.
  7. Know how to enter your flow so you can move forward.

In the first 30 minutes, on the first CD, mp3, or chapter, called “Feelings. the source of authentic love,” you learn the difference in healthy and unhealthy energy.

In the next 30 minutes, you find your authentic emotional self.

Finding your emotional self is extremely valuable. She or he leads you straight to where you need to go in order to become stronger.

“This is not stuff that you learned from a text book and it amazes me that someone, another human being, is able to understand the human psyche so well and to communicate it so clearly. I am trying to get out of my head and more into my body because I can sense, when I listen to your CD’s, that this is the way to healing and to normal happiness. Thank you so much for creating these CDs and for making them available to the general public.”

Lisa Francini

Listen to a sample audio clip of Dr. Doris Jeanette’s comforting voice:

On the second audio, “Fear. the pathway to freedom and joy,” you learn how to reduce your anxiety so you become more assertive, stronger and self confident.

As I faced my real fear of not being loved, I became stronger and braver. My self judgments became less and less. Soon guilt began to disappear.

Look forward to the day when your self judgments will not hurt you anymore and guilt will rarely occur.

Click to listen to a sample audio clip of Dr. Doris Jeanette’s comforting voice.

You Learn how to:

  1. Tell the difference between your ego and your authentic self.
  2. Recognize the difference between your out of control thoughts and your healthy feelings.
  3. Shift out of your stuck hopeless, helpless mental state into a flowing, healthy state.
  4. Feel the difference between “feeling sorry for yourself” and authentic sadness.
  5. Stop judging and criticizing yourself.
  6. Access your excitement, joy and passion energy.
  7. Give up the need to please others.

All you have to do is get your image self, your ego, out of the way. Then you follow your heart.

Your whole life will improve.

Put my comforting voice in your ears any time you feel upset. This comforting, loving audio helps you move through this difficult time in your life with more ease.

When you use the “Opening the Heart” audio, it helps you move through your emotional pain faster so you can become stronger. Listening and learning will help you keep from getting stuck in depression, anxiety and self pity.

With an open heart you experience joy and vibrant moments. You enter the moment and feel more alive and present.

Instead of being guarded and defensive you attract love to you and accept it deep into your heart and soul.

I stopped waiting for others and followed my dreams to a new peak which ended in a Cashew nut tree in Goa, India with Jean Houston, the noted pioneer in the human potential movement in 1983.

“Opening the Heart” audio includes 3 hours of self help audio and the ebook includes 3 chapters called:

1. Feelings. the source of authentic love.

2. Fear. the pathway to freedom and joy.

3. When You’re Hurting…

“Opening the Heart, is an emotional health guide.

No lecture, no music, this is a loving guide into your own heart with someone who knows the emotional feelings territory.

The emotional guidance and factual material you hear in the “Opening the Heart” audio is the end result of what I learned from living though a broken heart as a clinical psychologist.

I learned about the natural process of transformation. I discovered how to heal hearts so they become strong, healthy and happy hearts.

“Opening the Heart” teaches you how to take care of yourself when you are alone. You also learn how to take care of yourself when you are in a relationship. Therefore, you are happy, fulfilled and satisfied no matter what!

No one can hurt you like that again. Your open heart is strong, healthy and happy.

Everyone has emotional wounds. Very few people are comfortable with their feelings and emotions. You can join the few who are able to feel their emotions.

You can achieve solid self esteem and be emotionally secure.

Click here to hear audio sample of Dr. Jeanette’s voice.

If this sounds like comfort to your heart and soul, order your audio or ebook now. The audio is recommended due to the comforting sounds and the power of loving sound.

“Opening the Heart,” an emotional guide which provides emotional healing no matter how much your heart hurts.

Money back guarantee.

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“Wow! Thanks soooooo much for the audio. There is so much rich content in all 3 of them. There are not many trustworthy resources that have the guts to approach these untouchable topics. I cannot tell you how alone, confused, and stuck I felt.” Gloria R. Nash, M.A., NYC.

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