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Dr. Doris Jeanette Developed a Holistic, New Psychology

Her Original Approach is Effective, Drug-Free, Body-Based and Empowering

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“That’s the most powerful group exercises I’ve ever had.” Group member

“If people really find out about this stuff, the drug companies will be out of business.” Client

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“Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back with the means to tame monsters.” Dr. Jean Houston, mother of the human potential movement.

“Thank you, thank you, for the audio, Opening the Heart, I love it. I’m going to recommend it in my next newsletter.” Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. Mother of Death and Dying

Bio for Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

From her first success stories at Temple Medical School with the Father of Behavior Therapy, Joe Wolpe, MD in 1975, to today’s recognition as a pioneer in holistic psychology, Doris Jeanette, Psy.D has excelled at helping people feel better, love more and fulfill dreams.

Her multicultural and sexual minorities groups, Nature Workshops and holistic psychology web site,, have improved the lives of diverse populations rarely reached by traditional psychologists. As a member of the Feminist Therapy Collective she added body awareness, healthy emotional expression and spirituality to her knowledge of learning research, expanding the boundaries of human intimacy.

Dr. Jeanette has appeared on TV, Internet shows, podcasts, local radio stations and National Public Radio. Her internet radio show,” Live at the Edge,” educated and empowered her listeners. Her Sex and Love column in New Visions Magazine and subsequently her SexuallyFit Column in PhillyFIT magazine reached a wide audience of people interested in personal growth and relationship advice for six years.

Dr. Jeanette’s articles have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Metro, Natural Health and Beauty, Progressive Health, Magical Blend, Milestones, Holistic Health, Behavioral Research Journal and dozens of other publications. Doris has been featured in Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, The Philadelphia Inquirer, My Business Magazine, Au Courant, City Paper and many others.

We strive for diversity across the globe

The Holistic New Psychology is An Effective, Drug Free Alternative Therapy

Here is Doris in the summer time, carrying her heavy groceries, efficiently on top of her head in Center City, Philadelphia. This method, used for centuries by women, is being studied by aerospace engineers.

Doris knows the scientific secret: Remove the anxiety from your body and viola’!

Maralyn summarized her psychological evolution:

“Ever so incrementally, Doris Jeanette (nee Ward, formerly Keller) has expanded, and exploded, the boundaries of her traditional clinical training. She holds a doctorate in psychology from highly respectable Baylor University, and she had a post doctoral fellowship with eminent behaviorist Joseph Wolpe, M.D. at Tempe Medical Schools, both during the 1970’s.

… She’s achieved admirable electricity in her work, moving from sex therapy and feminist therapy to the further reaches of ‘new science’…

With Nature as her co-therapist, Doris Jeanette’s outdoor workshops at the seashore or forest bring participants back, she says, ‘to sanity, health, and freedom.”

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Testimonials For Dr. Doris Jeanette

Unsolicited, Heart-Felt Feedback about Dr. Jeanette and Her Clinical Services, Audio, Courses and Workshops

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Praise for the Opening the Heart Audio Series

“Wow! Thanks soooooo much for the Opening the Heart audio which I received a couple of days ago. There is so much rich content in all 3 of them. I find them so helpful because there are not many trustworthy resources that have the guts to approach these untouchable topics. I cannot tell you how alone, confused, and stuck I feel. I am hopeful that the work with your audio will bring light to my darkness ” Gloria R. Nash, MA, from NYC of N R G: Natural Resources for Growth

Gloria R Nash, MA , from NYC

"I wanted to let you know I received your Opening the Heart audio today. I cannot believe how fast they got here. I have already listened to one (hurting). The audio is excellent. It is like you are talking right to me and know what's in my mind. I plan on listening to all three many times because I know each time I listen I will "hear" something I didn't hear before or I will hear something I need right then." Thank you so much.

Patty Smith

"Your voice is a pleasure to listen to on the Opening the Heart audio and you say things, which really do hit home. As they say, "it's the little things that count" and it was so nice to receive them with your handwritten message - that sort of personal touch is very rare nowadays so thank you for that." Blessings,

Gillian in Austria

"Dr Jeanette- Finally listened to your Opening the Heart audio. They are indeed lovely. Thanks for making them. It is often so difficult to find the right stimulus to have a good cry for someone who has been living in their head. But you accomplished this beautifully! And the best part if that is they can be listened to over and over, on demand, with no extra charge!


"I enjoyed your Guilt Teleseminar audio thoroughly Doris. You have more to share, I can tell. Thanks, I will pass this great information about your site and audio along to my friends.

Roxanne Rox

"Excellent Teleseminar! Good job! Your self help audio on Guilt and Judgment was clear, well organized and beautifully presented. Most of all, the material and your energy perspective can help facilitate lightening up on my pesky thought patterns of judgment and guilt"

Ani Colt, Founder of Spirituality&Sexuality

"That was awesome! What a great audio, Tame Your Thoughts! Thank you, Dr. Jeanette! It was stuff that we've talked about before, but for some reason it really hit me last night during the teleseminar. Now I understand even more why I need to remember that what my head says is illusion, but what my heart is telling me is real. I get it!

G. in DC.

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