Do You Love Your Human Body? Can You Feel Your Human Feelings and Emotions?

“What religion has not forbidden, man has ridiculed.” Doris Jeanette

The Body, Your Body, My Body

It is a-mazing how much of your life you live trapped in your head. Controlled. Obsessed. Possessed.

Do you long to break free?

To feel, to sing–

to dance, to speak–

freely and gladly?

The Reasons You Need to Love Your Body

All of your unresolved psychological issues live in your body. Your body is the battleground for the conflicts that go on in your psyche.

According to Dr. Doris Jeanette, a psychological issue is not completely resolved until it changes its form in the physical body.

Only after your body relaxes will you experience permanent psychological change.

The Body Serves Two Primary Functions.

First, it is for security. If you ground yourself physically into the planet Earth, you will have a solid sense of self-confidence that is manifested in reality.

If you are not relaxed and comfortable with yourself in space you cannot be safe or feel safe.

Secondly, the body is for sensating. It houses emotional and physical sensations, which allow you to perceive realities that are both internal and external.

If you are not aware of, and in touch with, the direct experience of your body, you are not in contact with reality.

(Since first writing this psychology article on the human body in the 1999, I have discovered one more essential reason you have a human body. To learn about the third reason listen to the educational holistic psychology audio, “Hear Your Body Talking.”)

“You must love your body.
No matter what anyone says.
No Matter what ridicule ensues.
Your body is not only beautiful
it is essential.”

If you want to be healthy, you must be physical. It is that simple. If you want to be self confident and sane, you must live in your body and love it. It is that simple.

What Does Your Current Body Tell You About Yourself?

Your current body reflects the state of your mind and the fluidity of your emotions.

The energy moving through your body at this moment in your life reflects the energy flow you allow yourself to enjoy.

The more you inhibit your energy by denying and judging– the tighter your body. The tighter your body, the less energy flow you have available for mental health, emotional health and physical health,

When your body is tight, your cells receive little or no vital energy.

Your body is a perfect barometer to tell you exactly what is going on in your mind and heart. All you have to do is look in the mirror and see what is REALLY there in physical form.

Alas, most people LOOK and do not SEE. Most people see the image of themselves, rather than the reality that is in the mirror. Some people see a good image and some people see a bad image. An image is an image. It is not real. The image is your ego self. Do you see what you want to see or what you do not want to see? If so, you can learn to see what is really there.

Use Your Body Feelings to Know Reality

Your body has all the information and data you need at any point in time about anything—past, future or present. It is your instrument for pure unadulterated energy to flow through.

You can see, feel and sense reality. You do not need a psychological test to discover it.

Other people can SEE you………..why not learn to SEE yourself as you really are?

All of your unexpressed feelings and stagnant thoughts are visible by looking at your body. They are physically present.

You are an open book, even if you are closed.

Dr. Jeanette and other body awareness teachers can teach you to become more aware of your body and the energy in your body.

You can learn to read body language. You can learn to read human energy.

You can learn to sense and read what is physically present in physical reality.

Dr. Doris Jeanette calls her approach The New Psychology. It is a holistic psychology. It is not psychotherapy as it is practiced today. Click here to read the definition of the new, holistic psychology.

People think they are healthy and happy if they do the right things, go on the right vacations, make the right money, do the right exercises, have the right relationship and eat the right food.

Ah…………but if your body is a tight knot, your health and happiness is an illusion.

Yes, if you are anxious and cannot relax, good health is not a physical reality–no matter what you think.

Your physical body reflects physical reality much more accurately than your CONSCIOUS thoughts.

Your unconscious thoughts are creating your disease and unhappiness. Your unconscious lives in your body. When you start to feel your body, you will become aware of many, many realities.

Awareness of your body is important because it is real. The only way to have any human power, which is the same thing as electrical voltage, is to be in contact with that which is real.

When you are not in contact with your body, you are not in contact with reality.