The Center for New Psychology Gives Back. When You Buy any Product, You Help Others.

We Give Money to Organizations that Empower Children, Women, Minorities and the Arts

The Center for the New Psychology gives back to the community and supports others who do so. At least 20% of all profits from products are given to organizations, groups and charities that help empower people.

Dr. Doris Jeanette interviewed successful women who give back to the community on her Live at the Edge radio show. Three outstanding women are Annie Jennings, Sandra Yancey and LuAnn Mitchell-Halter. These women are great models for the rest of us.

The Center for the New Psychology is proud of their donations.

Each year different organizations are funded. The arts are as important as multicultural and environmental organizations to the Center for New Psychology.

Feel free to make suggestions to what groups you would like your money sent to when you place an order. Put it in the comment box. Tell us about your passions.

We love to hear from you and what you care about.

If you know someone who needs a scholarship in order to buy a product that they need, tell them to contact us for help. We can give people in need a 20% discount and more if needed.

Contact us and explain your need for help.

Write: [email protected] or Call 215-732-6197

This past year the Center for New Psychology donated money to:

  • Walking Fish Theater
  • Swimming Fund to Reopen Philadelphia City Pools
  • American Cancer Society
  • Filter Square Park Foundation
  • Earth Justice
  • Sierra Club
  • E-women charity fund