What is Chakra Healing and How to Begin Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing is a natural process that occurs when you engage in personal growth. When I first opened my solar plexus, it felt like there was a wide open hole right in the middle of my body, underneath my breasts. I remember exactly where I was walking on 20th street near my home in Philly when it happened. This moment of vivid green and yellow colors bouncing off the painted walls of the buildings all around me was my ever first vibrant moment. Wow! Energy was everywhere and I was walking through it.

Dr. Doris Jeanette

Chakra Healing Process

Not knowing much about chakra’s at the age of 34, it did not occur to me that I had opened one! Nor did I know that Chakra Healing would be the result of my efforts to wakeup, become more conscious and emotionally healthy. However, I had traveled to India where my adventures with Dr. Jean Houston resulted in letting go of some of my ego energy, Dr. Tight-ass, on the beach at Goa.

My ongoing efforts back home to continue to transform my rigid, defensive ego energy into healthy, flowing energy resulted in my solar plexus opening. Self- acceptance in the cashew nut tree in Goa, started my Charka Healing. Living my truth in my real life in Philadelphia, led to a charka opening. If you complete Chakra Healing, the result is a charka opening.

Chakra means spinning wheel, this vortex, literally connects you by way of your physical body to the outside physical and metaphysical world around you. As soon as any charka opens, the energy field around you become stronger and more radiate. It felt like more of me what “present.” More of my True Self was present! From then on, I began to study Charka Healing and teach what I learned to my clients and students.

However, do not be fooled. Chakra’s open and close often. During Chakra Healing, chakras do not always stay more open than closed, until you become comfortable being vulnerable. The reason you closed your vortex in the first place must be addressed. You closed your chakras and tightened your body as a child automatically because you were trying to avoid hurt and pain.

Unfortunately, controlling your energy resulted in stagnant, defensive energy which made you weak. So, in order for you to feel safe enough to open any vortex and stay open, you need to learn how to protect and take care of yourself in this world. You need to feel safe and have the skills to protect yourself as needed in real life before Chakra Healing is complete.

You need to learn how to grow up and stand on your own two feet. Achieving emotional health by engaging in Chakra Healing is a process. Process means you plant a seed and give it what it needs to grow. Over time, you reap the rewards of your efforts. Real life does not pop up out of the ground full grown.

Rejoice, there is a wonderful truth about Mother Nature that gives you the power to be successful in all situations. No matter what your learning history has been, your open, vulnerable energy is stronger than the closed defensive energy. Being open brings you many rewards and riches. The laws of physics prove to us that a lower vibration cannot penetrate a higher vibration. For example, if your immune system is strong enough, it easily kills the lower vibrations that cause disease.

What this means is that your strength is in your vulnerability. Take this to heart and never forget it. The more you learn how to be open, which is vulnerable, the stronger you become.

To begin Chakra Healing, start with your feet and root chakra so you have a solid foundation to build your temple. Unless of course, your own intuition leads you in another direction. You are your own authority. Never give your authority to any teacher. Effective mentors, empower you. They do not define you.

Dr. Doris Jeanette is interested in mentoring, teaching and training therapists, healers and teachers who want to improve their skills in Chakra Healing and Energy Healing. You learn how to trust the process of your own Chakra Healing so you can teach Energy Healing to others.

Get started with Chakra Healing by becoming more aware of your body and energy.

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