Experience Alternative Therapy, Body Psychotherapy and Energy Healing Add Energy Therapy, Spiritual Therapy, Charka Healing to Your Therapy Practice

Experience Your Energy Instead of Talking.

Help your clients experience their energy so they know the truth about who they are. A picture is worth a thousand words. Time with Dr. Jeanette and Body Psychotherapy put you into a three dimensional mind-body-spirit experience.

Charka Healing teaches you how to feel your human energy, body and emotions. You experience your energy moving and not moving.

Dr. Jeanette is flexible and creative. This means you experience a unique Chakra Healing adventure that is just what you want and need. Contrast getting what you want and need with being put into a specific structure, cognitive program or rigid program that you must fit into.

Benefits From Working With Dr. Jeanette


1. Connect more quickly and easily with clients and others.
2. Learn how to read Body Language.
3. Experience heart to heart connections with clients.
4. Improve your self-esteem because you are more grounded.
5. Improve your emotional security and emotional maturity.
6. Learn how to read energy.
7. Become more aware of invisible energy.

When you are a spiritual therapist, you seek your purpose in life. The way to find your purpose in life is to follow your heart. Opening your heart is the pathway to your purpose in life.

Learn How To Energize Yourself

During any energy healing time with Dr. Jeanette you find your energy source and learn how to return to your inner core again and again. You do not have to go to someone to get a “treatment.” You learn how to increase your energy yourself as you live your life. You also learn more about the sources of energy outside of you that you need for health and wellness.

The First Task Of Any Therapist is to heal thyself

Learning how to transform your ego energy into healthy flowing energy is the work that needs to be done in order to accomplish Chakra Healing. Once you learn to recognize and live in your natural energy flow, as opposed to your ego, you can teach others how to do the same.

Awareness is infinite. This means that your natural process never ends. It is your unique natural process that you follow, not someone else’s. You cannot be in the flow all the time, that would be controlling yourself. However, when you know how it feels to be in your flow, you can use Spiritual Therapy tools to bring you back to your true self over and over again.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, the scientists say. This means you transform your energy into matter and back into spirit over and over again. You transform more and more of your ego into your true self as you walk upon the earth, incarnate.

Incarnate means in the flesh. You are bodyful and solid on the earth as a spiritual energy. Wow. What a trip to be here having “Earth Dramas” together with all the other people on the planet right now. Intense. Earth Dramas is a term I created in 1999 to give meaning to the emotional pain we feel as humans.

Stepping back and viewing our emotional pain from the soul’s point of view, which is the bigger picture, is helpful. The soul does not judge you. It is only your ego who is harsh and hurtful. Step back and look at the Bigger Picture. Begin to look at your emotional pain as food for the soul, instead of non-stop agony.

Emotional Healing

When you do Emotional Healing your solar plexus and heart open. We are not perfect. This means that self-acceptance is necessary to be successful finding, accepting and following your Inner Child. When you follow your Inner Child, she leads you to your soul.

One of the secrets to being alive on planet earth right now is vital energy. Your vital energy lives in your vital body in your energy field. Your emotional energy lives in your solar plexus, heart and the emotional body in your energy field. Your emotional body is where all the colors of light play and dance.

The more you feel your emotions, the brighter your vital energy. Vital emotional energy is the secret ingredient which improves your emotional health, physical health, mental health and sexual health.

Dr. Jeanette shows you how to find, accept and follow your inner child, which is your emotional self. Your inner child is a real energy that needs to be healed and transformed into more light and love. Your emotions take you on many different life experiences.

Emotional Healing feeds your soul and furthers your spiritual growth. When you heal your emotional self, your vital energy fuses with your soul energy.

Unlearn Your Reactions that are Blocking Your Energy Flow

You also learn how to break your unhealthy conditioned responses. If you want to be successful in personal growth and transformation you have to remove the psychological barriers which create your low self-esteem.

Getting rid of your energy blocks are important and cannot be ignored. Dr. Jeanette knows learning research and teaches you how to decondition and unlearn your unhealthy patterns from the past. Instead of reacting to situations, you stay in touch with the strong, creative, flowing power inside of you.

Professional Energy Experiences are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, couple or group. Dr. Jeanette’s Spiritual Therapy retreat allows you to feel your body, emotions and energy. Chakra Healing helps you become more alive and healthy.

Set up a Professional Energy Experience

Energy Healing is an effective way to learn more about the Holistic New Psychology for people who want intense personal growth work in a short period of time. People who live in different countries or different states find this an effective way to learn how to create more flowing energy for holistic health and wellness.

Set up your Spiritual Therapy Energy Experience for two, three or four days. It can be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Experience your human energy flowing through your hands and out into the space around you.

Chakra Healing improves your holistic health for the rest of your life. Leave with more spiritual therapist tools to add to your energy healing therapist tool box. Most importantly, experience your vital emotional energy.

Contact Dr. Jeanette to organize and create a Chakra Healing personal growth program. Your unique personal growth needs will be addressed. Create your Spiritual Therapy program in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It is possible that Dr. Jeanette could come to your location. Pitch your idea to her.

The cost starts at $1,999.00 for two days and moves upward depending on the number of days and if travel is involved. Contact Dr. Jeanette to discuss details. Call: 215-732-6197 or email her at [email protected]