Professional Credentials

Name: Doris Jeanette

Telephone: (215) 732-6197 (Office)

1975 – 1976 Temple University Medical School, Department of Psychiatry, Behavior Therapy Unit, Postdoctoral Fellowship with Joseph Wolpe, M.D. as major supervisor.
1971 – 1975 Baylor University, Waco, TX, Doctor of Psychology.
1966 – 1970 East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, BA with Psychology Major.
1999-present Founder and Director of the Center for the New Psychology, Philadelphia, PA
1980 – 1990 Field Supervisor, PsyD program, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
1976 – 1982 Supervisor and therapist, Feminist Therapy Collective, Philadelphia, PA
1977 – 1979 Supervisor, Eromin Center. Counseling for sexual minorities, Philadelphia, PA
1976 – 1978 Consultant, Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia, PA
1976 – 1979 Consultant, Women’s Center, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
1976 – 1979 Clinical Staff, Behavior Therapy Unit, Department of Psychiatry, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA
1975-1976 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Behavior Therapy Unit, Department of Psychiatry, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA
1974 Internship, State of New Jersey, Ancora State Hospital, Hammonton, NJ
1973 Clinical Practicum, Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center, Waco, TX
1972 – 1973 Clinical Practicum, Mexia Mental Retardation Center, Mexia, TX
1972 Clinical Practicum, Methodist’s Children’s Home, Waco, TX
1971 Clinical Practicum, Veterans Administration Hospital, Temple, TX
1970 Drug Counselor, Neuse River Clinic, New Bern, NC
1968 & 1969 Psychology Aid, Mental Retardation, Morgantown, NC
1976 – Present Workshops, speeches and lectures to various classes, groups, retreats and staff internationally
1989-2003 International Women’s Writers Guild, workshops on body awareness and creativity, “Releasing Creative Energy Through the Body,” Skidmore College, NY
2002 Women and Spiritually Conference, Mankato, Minnesota, “New and Exciting Ways to Heal Your Mind and Body,” co lead with Jenna Catherine, author of Conversing with the Future
2000 Philadelphia Ethical Society: “A New Model for Healthy Relationships,” Philadelphia, PA
1999 University for Global Well Being, teaching the New Psychology and working with the students using a new paradigm, Hoor, Sweden
1998 The American Institute of Medical Education, “Healing Injured Emotions in the Body”, Maui, USA.
1995 International Association of New Science: “The Importance of The Emotional Body”, Fort Collins, CO
1994 International Association of New Science: “Experiencing Human Feelings: Their Role and Value in the Survival of the Species”, Fort Collins, CO
1985 Philadelphia Ethical Society: “Feelings–on the nature of and the reason for–Our Salvation,” Philadelphia, PA
1983 The Advanced Feminist Therapy Institute, “Feeling Free Sexually,” Washington, DC
1982 The First Advanced Feminist Therapy Institute, “Conceptual Model for Discriminating Between Real Feelings and Defensive Feelings,” Vail, CO
1980 American Imagery Conference: “Creative and Unusual Uses of Fantasy in Various Group Settings”, San Francisco, CA
1978 Women’s Health Concerns Conference, “Finding One’s Strength as a Woman,” Philadelphia, PA
Groups and Training Group Experiences have evolved from Assertiveness Training into specialized groups on sexuality, relationships, and intimacy into current New Psychology model. This model challenges the established boundaries of human intimacy and group dynamics.
1983-Present Orchestrates Experiences in Nature, Nature Workshops, in the Forest, by the Sea and on the Mountain
1992 Living with Joy, spiritual psychological seminar presented by ACTION AIDS, Philadelphia, PALiving with Joy, spiritual psychological seminar presented by ACTION AIDS, Philadelphia, PA
1985 “Let Your Secrets Play: An Experience in Vulnerability,” Philadelphia, PA
1984 Studied with Irvin Yalom, M.D., leading authority on group psychotherapy, Jamaica, West Indie
1983 Traveled to India, took workshops and studied with Jean Houston, Ph.D., leading pioneer in human potential
1976 – 1982 Numerous two-day workshops at the Feminist Therapy Collective on intimacy, sexuality, self-love, and relationships.
Keller, DJ and Goldstein, A. Orgasmic reconditioning reconsidered, Behaviour Research and Therapy, 1978, 16, 299-301. (Doris Jeanette Ward Keller)
Rosewater and Walker, Handbook of Feminist Therapy, 1985, Springer. Jeanette, “Feminism, The Future of? ” Chap. 5, p. 39-44.
Jeanette, Doris. EMDR and Learning Theory, Association of Humanistic Psychology’s Perspective, January 2002, 31.
Chapter in the International SourceBook, Transforming Frozen Energy into Flowing Energy, published in Jammu, India, 2002.
Non Professional:
SexuallyFIT columnist for PhillyFIT Magazine, 2006
Regular Column on Sex & Love appeared in New Visions Magazine and The Spirituality and Sexuality Journal – 2002-2005
Articles of human concern have been published in The Philadelphia InquirerMetro NewspaperNatural Health and Beauty, Milestones, and Magical Blend Magazine.
Many articles on human potential published in Holistic Living, Visions Magazine and Progressive Health.
Produced audiotapes: FEELINGS. The Challenge of the Species, 1993.
FEAR. The pathway to freedom and joy, 1993.
The three tapes released in 2002 combined as a set, called: Natural Process for Opening the Heart- Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem
“Opening the Heart,” previous audio packed aged as CDs and mp3s. 2009
Series of holistic psychology teleseminars published and available at
Published poems and photographs. Produced multimedia production for Baylor University. Performed own written-movement works at galleries and women’s organizations.
Radio, Television, Internet, Teleseminars, Podcasts
Radio and Television shows as a drug counselor and feminist therapist from 1970-1983.
Radio, Television, Internet, Teleseminars, podcasts as an innovative psychologist creating a New Psychology since 1983.