How to Have a Better Sex Life. Improve Your Sexual Health. Learn How to Satisfy Your Partner Sexually.

If You Suffer From Premature Ejaculation (PE), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Sex Addiction or Pornography Addiction, You Can Dramatically Improve Your Sexual Performance Without Dangerous Drugs


Unless you have a spinal cord injury or another medical problem that has been diagnosed by a physician, you do not need to take expensive, dangerous drugs to improve your sexual performance.

Instead, learn how to relax so you access your natural born male strengths.

If you are not able to slowly enjoy lovemaking, you have a sexual problem. This means you need to learn certain skills that improve your lovemaking experience.

Once you learn these love making skills, your sexual performance improves.

All you need is a good sex therapy education. Learn how to enjoy being a sexual, sensual man in an intimate situation.

A good lover is relaxed and self-confident.

Benefits of Becoming a Better Lover

You feel:

  1. Secure with your sexual performance.
  2. Joy and other healthy emotions.
  3. Free and can be yourself.
  4. Love from others so your relationships improve.
  5. Love toward others so your relationships become fulfilling.
  6. More alive and have peak experiences.
  7. Physically stronger in your body and heart.

A Fact: The more anxious you are, the less successful you are as a lover. It does not matter if you are gay or straight; if your body is tense, you are not a good lover.

Sex therapists know that men cannot “will” an erection or an orgasm. You cannot make it happen!

So forget it. You cannot make yourself have an erection or stop your sexual orgasm once it starts.

The only choice you have is to relax and let your body do the talking. The only way to be a good lover is to get the tension out of your body so you enjoy good sex.

“For Men: Become a Better Lover – How to Have a Better Sex Life” by Dr. Doris Jeanette is a sex therapy home study course which gives you the tools and information you need to relax and trust your body.

Dr. Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist and was trained as a sex therapist in 1976. She has successfully improved the sex lives of many men and women in her long clinical career. If you are not familiar with Dr. Jeanette read about Dr. Doris Jeanette as a sex therapist.

In this sex therapy home study course learn the information and tools you need to stay in your body before and during sex so you enjoy the sexual experience without the fear or anxiety that you will not perform sexually.

What are the Benefits of this Become A Better Lover Course?

You Learn to:

  • Approach sexual and nonsexual situations with confidence.

  • Enjoy what you are doing in the moment.
  • Move in your body with more freedom, ease and comfort.
  • Play, laugh and have lots of fun.
  • Respond spontaneously to your environment.
  • Feel satisfied with yourself and with others.
  • Smile, glow and shine …especially after lovemaking.

In 1996 Dave walked into my office for the first time and sat down. I asked him, “How can I help you?”

He proclaimed, “I want to be a stud.”

I did not miss a beat, I said, “Let’s get to work.” I immediately began to teach Dave how to relax his body so he could reduce the built up tension that was keeping him from enjoying good sex.

The truth is: Dave was born a natural, cool, confident stud.

The truth is: So are you.

Testimonial By Jake In Australia:

“I have been paying attention to my breathing and following your instructions in the first lesson. Even this is making a big difference to my premature ejaculation. Send me the next lesson now!” Jake in Australia

Inside your body there is a natural born stud waiting for new, exciting, sexual experiences. All you have to do is get the anxiety out of the way so your stud can come out and play!

Anxiety makes you worry you will not perform in bed before you even get to the bed!

Anxiety takes the form of racing thoughts, tense muscles and nervousness in your autonomic nervous system.

Anxiety makes you think of what you need to “do” in the middle of kissing, instead of being in the sensuous moment feeling pleasure.

Anxiety makes you so nervous you have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Anxiety makes you so nervous your touch is not effective. Instead, you are clumsy and unable to please your partner.

When you are anxious, you are thinking instead of feeling.

What happens when you learn how to relax?

You reclaim your natural born rights as a sexy, sensuous, confident man.

“Become a Better Lover – How to Have a Better Sex Life” by Dr. Doris Jeanette has 10 written lessons which teach you how to reduce your anxiety so you relax into your body and stay there during sexual and nonsexual situations.

“My wife is so happy. After the third lesson I do not have any more problems with ejaculating too fast. Thank you so much.” African man, in Kenya

“I love you Dr. Jeanette. I listened to your fear audio and crossed the bridge for the first time in years. When can I see you again?” Dave, “the future stud.”

The above statement was on my answering machine two days after Dave’s first session. Dave had crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge on his own after being unable to do so for many years.

You may notice many of your other anxieties and fears disappearing when you begin to improve your sexual health performance.

After Dave practiced relaxation for a few weeks, he began to feel more confident at work and with women. After a few months, Dave began to date women and have more fun. After a year, he developed a real relationship with a woman. Soon, he started having the best sex he had ever had in his life.

Since 1976, I have been blessed to hear on my answering machine many times from my male clients, “I just had the best sex I ever had in my life! Thank you Dr. Jeanette.”

Let me tell you about unhealthy sex that makes you weak. When I wrote my Sex and Love column for New Visions Magazine, I started to call unhealthy sex, “Mechanic Sex.”

Mechanic sex is fast, anxious, hard sex without feelings. You do not feel sensual pleasure, emotional love and closeness.

Macho men think this is good sex. It is not. It is anxious sex that is focused on the orgasm and nothing else. It produces a very limited orgasm, quickly.

Quick ejaculations make you weaker, not stronger. Non-loving sex makes you weaker, not stronger.

dr jeanette

” With Dr. Jeanette’s help, I have been able to finish my college degree and get a long term, live-in boyfriend.” Linda Black

If you are not familiar with sex therapist, Dr. Doris Jeanette read about Dr. Doris Jeanette as a sex therapist.

Become a Better Lover – How to Have a Better Sex Life” the sexual performance home study course by sex therapist, Dr. Doris Jeanette also includes “Opening the Heart,” an emotional health audio series to help you begin to open your heart so you give and receive more love. After all, lovemaking is all about love.

Consider learning how to make love.

Making love is a thousand times healthier and lots more fun than a fast, rapid, ejaculation. Do not let your sex performance be boring!

Good sexual health makes you physically, emotionally and mentally stronger.

Pleasure is the way to go. Pleasure is what creates more and more vital energy that makes you physically stronger.

Good sex is slow and soft with your whole body involved. The best sex in the world makes you and your partner jump out of your skin and fly together into Heavenly Bliss!

Good sex is childlike, playful and fun.

The good news is when you relax –your natural stud takes over. This means you naturally know how to make love if you get your anxiety out of the way.

Each sexual encounter can be a new, exciting peak experience and adventure.

If these sexual performance benefits sound exciting and hopeful to you, Order the home study, sex therapy course, “Become a Better Lover – How to Have a Better Sex Life” only $249.97.

10 written lessons plus 7 hours of audio.

100% Money back guarantee.

Order “Become a Better Lover – How to Have a Better Sex Life” shows you how to become master of your own potent sexual energy.

“I am still working with the body exercises and breathing in the other lessons. Doing these exercises are making a big difference in my ability to relax and make love. I did not know I had so much anxiety. I will get to lesson four later.” Man from Australia

“Become a Better Lover – How to Have a Better Sex Life” sexual performance home study course includes:

1. 10 written lessons. Each week your lessons arrive as pdf files. The first lesson arrives as soon as you place the order. It begins by teaching you how to stop high, acute anxiety and then moves into teaching you how to deal with chronic anxiety.

The first lesson also helps you understand what is going on inside of you and gives you a baseline against which you measure further growth.

Subsequently, each written lesson builds on the one before it as you receive the learning research information you need to slowly develop the skills you need to relax into your body and trust your body to do what it was born to do. (Value: $199.97)

2. “Opening the Heart” Audio Series. This 3 hour self-help audio series is an emotional health guide on feelings. Feeling your body feelings and emotional feelings are essential for good lovemaking. This audio series is calming, the sounds of Dr. Jeanette’s voice soothes your nerves as she guides you into your authentic natural stud energy. You learn the difference between fear and anxiety, between feelings and thoughts, and what to do when you cannot relax. (Value: $97.00)

Hear Relaxing AUDIO NOW: Click here to listen to Dr. Jeanette’s calming voice …listen to 3 minutes of the Feelings audio. Use to calm down and feel secure in the moment.

3. “Tame Your Thoughts” Self-Help Audio. This is a self help audio in an educational format. The mind body information reinforces the body principles taught in the written lessons teaching you different ways to tame your thoughts so you reduce your sexual performance anxiety. (Value: $29.97)

4. “Break the Grip of Anxiety: An Overview” Audio. This is a self-help audio in an educational format. Audio information that reinforces the relaxation principles taught in the written lessons about anxiety and fear. There are examples and real life issues to help you learn how to reduce general anxiety in your daily life. (Value: $29.97)

5. “Hear Your Body Talking” Self-Help Audio. This is a self-help audio in an educational format. You learn the 3 reasons you have a body. One of the reasons you have a body is for pleasure. Listening to this audio helps you let your body do the talking! (Value: $29.97)

6. Spiritual Sex Therapy Self-Help Audio. Self-help audio in educational format. Ani Colt and Doris Jeanette discuss what good, spiritual sex is and how to get to the higher vibrations of bliss and joy. (Value: $29.97)

Order the sex therapy home study course to improve your sexual performance

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