dr jeanette

Dr. Jeanette is a Trained Sex Therapist and Psychologist

Dr. Doris Jeanette was trained as a sex therapist during her Post Doctoral Training at Temple Medical School in 1975 when she studied with the eminent Dr. Joseph Wolpe, MD, father of Behavior Therapy. She quickly became known for her success in helping men overcome premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Over the years, she improved her clinical skills and developed her body awareness and emotional expression approach to healing sexual abuse. Her successful body-emotional-energy approach allowed women and men who had been sexually abuse to could enjoy sex again and sometimes for the fist time.

Dr. Jeanette has written extensively on how to improve sexual health and sexual performance, helping thousands of people enjoy a better sex life. Her Sex and Love Columns for New Visions magazine and her Erotic Living column for the Sexuality and Spiritually Journal enjoyed a wide readership for three years. Next, she wrote a SexuallyFit column for PhillyFit Magazine for two years.

Her original Holistic, New Psychology approach is based on teaching you how to access your own natural, creative, flowing, sexual energy. Dr. Jeanette does not use Cognitive Behavior Therapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy or talk therapy.

Dr. Jeanette builds on what she learned as a sex therapist during her studies at Temple Medical School so her approach covers the traditional sex therapy you would get from anyone else. Then she moves fast forward by teaching you to become aware of your own body, feelingsWS and energy. She shows you how to use “in vivo” biofeedback data to stay present in the sexual moment.

You learn how to get in the drivers seat so you become master of your own potent sexual energy.

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Dr. Jeanette’s natural Sex Therapy treatment allows you to achieve Sexual Health without drugs. Sexually Healthy people feel loved and enjoy Holistic Health. You can improve your sexual health and make the world a better place.

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