Want to Relax and Find Peace? Feeling Overwhelmed and Anxious?

Learn to Break the Grip Anxiety Has Over You.

Your anxiety takes over and overwhelms you. You cannot breathe. You do not know what to do. You cannot take it easy and enjoy life.

Anxiety is a terrible psychological state that ruins your life. Anxiety keeps you from having loving relationships, flying where you want to fly and having fun adventures.

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are terrible life experiences that paralyze you.

What if you knew what to do to overcome anxiety and stop it from ruining your life?

Dr. Jeanette’s natural anxiety treatment is different from Talk Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Dr. Jeanette’s approach uses learning research to teach you how to unlearn anxiety just like Behavior Therapy does; however, her approach goes far beyond CBT into new territory.

In order to stop being overwhelmed by anxiety, you have to do something different.

You cannot change a mental problem by being mental. You cannot stop your anxiety and anxiety attacks by thinking positive thoughts.

To stop being overwhelmed by your anxiety, you need to stop thinking and start feeling.

This is important because even positive thoughts can overwhelm and scare you. Thoughts often make you anxious and tense.

“Break the Grip of Anxiety Naturally: An Overview,” is a one hour personal growth audio by Dr. Doris Jeanette.

This self help audio is a recording of a live teleseminar, with a live audience. It is an excellent starting point to begin your natural anxiety treatment.

Benefits of Listening to “Break the Grip of Anxiety Naturally: An Overview”


1. Discover you are sensitive and not crazy.

2. Know how you learned to be anxious.

3. Discover safe, effective ways to unlearn your anxiety.

4. Feel more compassion for yourself.

5. Understand your body sensations and feelings.

6. Feel hopeful that you can break your viscous cycle of anxiety.

Anxiety is a conditioned response. This means you learned unhealthy anxious behaviors in your past. Anxiety is not the same thing as real fear. Fear is an healthy instinct. Fear keeps you safe.

Since 1924 there have been multitudes of psychological learning research studies that show you exactly how you can unlearn anxiety.

There is absolutely no reason to live your life with crippling anxiety and anxiety attacks.

You can unlearn your anxious behaviors.

“Dr. Jeanette, your anxiety material is original and valuable. I am listening to the material over and over again.” Myrna, from Canada

Reducing your anxiety is a process that happens over time. There is no quick fix or magic.

However, there is a clear physical pathway you need to take in order to be successful in reducing your anxiety and your anxiety attacks.

Since Dr. Jeanette is a holistic psychologist, she has a unique point of view on all psychological problems. Her alternative therapy approach is safe and effective. If you do not know Dr. Jeanette, read more about her.

She teaches you information you need to know in order to reduce your anxiety and live a more rewarding life. She guides you into the heart of your problem to help you feel more secure about your ability to take care of yourself.

Topics Covered:

1. The difference between anxiety and fear

2. Learning principles you need to know to decondition anxiety

3. Anxiety and legal drugs

4. Anxiety and your body

5. Anxiety and the laws of physics

6. Your Inner Critic and how it makes you anxious

You can overcome your anxiety naturally.

If you want to reduce your anxiety, order the one hour self help audio that gives you a natural anxiety treatment option.

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