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Open is powerful. Closed is weak.
Last month’s newsletter about how guilt energy controls us from the
moment we are born brought up an important question from a reader
about self-protection. It took me years to answer this question for
myself and my clients. “How do you protect yourself if you do not
avoid people you think are going to hurt you, such as a
From learning research we know that any avoidance response makes you
weaker, not stronger. The more you avoid that which you are afraid
of, the more anxious you become. In terms of energy, which is the
basis of The New Psychology, the more things you avoid, the weaker
your energy field becomes. The only way you can avoid something you
don’t like or think will hurt you is to close your gates. The
metaphor is a castle with a moat all around it. You are stuck inside.
You lower your gate for those you think are safe to come and go.
After being hurt in a love relationship, I remember how scary it was
to lower the gate to my heart and let anyone in, much less everyone.
While opening your heart is scary, keeping it closed becomes more and
more painful by the moment. And your moments become less vibrant. A
closed heart is painful because you re-create your original hurt over
and over again until you pay attention to your emotional self and
heal the wounds of your past. Take a look at your life and see your
relationship pattern. Betrayal was my pattern.
You find yourself in the same painful drama over and over again.
There is no doubt that we re-create our original hurt until we heal
it. I discovered that I had unconsciously created a wall of frozen
energy around me as a child to block out the hurt and pain. I did not
know I was also blocking out all the love that is in the cosmos that
cannot get through any frozen wall of energy. Your frozen wall is
composed of your defensive selves.
I had to grow up, become a psychologist, raise my consciousness and
explore my body and emotions to figure out how to break free from my
chains and get out of my ice-cold castle. If you want to be free to
leave your castle and live in the world without your armor, you can.
The secret to becoming stronger and braver is: Your strength is in
your vulnerability. Reality is the opposite of what you think.
Let light bulbs go off in your head. Let lightning hit you. The more
vulnerable you are, the stronger you are. Vulnerable means being real
and true to yourself in the moment. Allow yourself to feel
inadequate, insecure and hurt because they are common human feelings.
When you are true to your emotional self, healthy energy is released
from inside the moat and you become stronger and more radiant. This
powerful energy automatically protects you from harm because your
energy field begins to vibrate at a higher frequency.
It is a law that higher vibrations repel lower vibrations. For
example, when your immune system is healthy it repels germs, which
have lower vibrations. Therefore, the task before you is to find,
accept, heal and love your true self who has been hurt and rejected.
This means your emotional self and body, which are the two most
rejected parts of humanity.
Self-love is self-protection. No one else’s love can heal you. Not
even the greatest therapist, lover or mother on the earth can heal
your wounds. It is all up to you. You are the only one who has the
power and means to shift out of self-rejection into self-acceptance.
Every minute of every day you can become more and more open in small
baby steps at a time so your body relaxes and your emotional self is
leading the way.
HEAL YOUR WOUNDS: The Opening the Heart ebook and audio were created
to guide you through the process of opening your moat slowly and
carefully so you get rid of the armor in your body. Learn to feel the
difference between your defensive ego and your true self in the first
half hour of the Opening the Heart audio series called “Feelings: The
challenge of our species.” Practice sensing your natural born
vibrations as you receive loving guidance on how to recognize your
controlling ego energy. You feel better as soon as you love who you
are, instead of letting your ego tell you how bad everyone else it.
Three hours of audio on feelings, fear and hurt, recorded in a sound
studio so the sound of my voice delivers healing, calming vibrations
to resonate with over and over again for better emotional and mental
health. $97.00, money-back guarantee.
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