Worrying? Thinking Scary Thoughts? Having Trouble Sleeping at Night?

If You Suffer From Insomnia, Learn to Tame Your Thoughts

When your thoughts are out of control. You are out of control. Out of control energy can be scary and confusing.

Racing, out of control thoughts can also be dangerous to your health and well being. You could have an accident, not be able to sleep at night and get irritable bowel syndrome.

“Tame Your Thoughts,” a one hour, self help audio as mp3 or CD, for $29.97.

Negative, obsessive thoughts make you anxious, tense and tight. This is the reason your obsessive thoughts interfere with your performance at work or school.

You need to learn how to tame your thoughts so they are not negative or obsessive.

Dr. Doris Jeanette’s one hour educational audio, “Tame Your Thoughts,” recorded live during a teleseminar teaches you how to tame your thoughts.

When Dr. Jeanette got stuck and scared, she look around for more effective ways to move through painful emotional energy.

Her knowledge of learning research helped her find the healthy pathway that automatically leads to emotional healing.

Dr. Jeanette’s original approach includes body awareness.

This is the major way her work is different from mindful, meditation and Cognitive Behavior Therapy approaches.

Body approaches are more effective than mental approaches in taming your thoughts and reducing your anxiety.

You learn a new point of view.

You learn how the new psychology, which is a holistic psychology, views obsessive thinking. You also learn specific ways to tame your thoughts. If you do not know about the new psychology read the holistic psychology definition.



What people say about the “Tame Your Thoughts” audio.

“Wow, your audio, “Tame Your Thoughts” is so helpful. I never knew what was going on in my own head. Now I have some tools for stopping this non stop energy that is always coming at me.” Bill from Tennessee

“I have been turning my thoughts back ‘in’ instead of being ‘outside’ of my body. This has been a very important step. It really works and I find it to be an awesome technique I should have learned many years ago. Decades even!” Alex from Austria

Benefits of taming your thoughts:

You can:

  1. Relax and study for your test.
  2. Perform better at work.
  3. Enjoy your lunch and taste your food.
  4. Sleep well at night.
  5. Swim without obsessing about problems.
  6. Make love with someone you love.

Dr. Jeanette’s self help audio offers you effective body approaches that are based on her 35 years of helping people calm the mind, relax the body and reduce anxiety.

On the “Tame Your Thoughts” self help audio you discover how to:

  1. Shift negative thoughts into self supportive actions.
  2. Turn your attention back into your body.
  3. Use mind and body exercises to relax.
  4. Body approaches that slow down racing thoughts.
  5. Move beyond guilt into positive, assertive actions

This Anxiety Reduction Product is Completely Safe and Effective

Money Back Guarantee

If you are ready to enjoy a more productive and peaceful life, learn how to tame your thoughts.