The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

An Unhealthy Relationship is Based on “Caretaking” Behaviors A Healthy Relationship is Based on Loving Behaviors
You give energy to another person, expecting something back in return You give energy freely, with no expectations, strings or conditions
You withhold love if he does not do as you want You love her when she does not do as you want
You whine and complain You stand up for yourself
You are not responsible for yourself, you want the other person to be responsible for you You are responsible for yourself
You try to control her behaviors to make you more comfortable You allow him the freedom to be himself, even if it makes you uncomfortable at times
You seek his or her approval You do not need approval
You are passive and aggressive You are assertive
You relate in an unequal way to your partner–as if you are less valuable or more valuable than he or she You relate equally to your partner, knowing you are both of equal value
You do not know what you really feel emotionally You share and express your emotions to your partner

Copyright, 2011, Doris Jeanette