Do You Know What Your Body Wants and Needs? Is Your Body Strong and Healthy? Can You Stay Grounded?

If Not, Learn How to Listen to Your Body

“Excellent information. I am so excited about what you are saying, you gave me so many ideas. I can’t wait to put my new body awareness into my private practice.” Liz Smith, registered nurse and body practitioner

“3 Reasons You Have a Body: Hear Your Body Talking” is an hour personal growth audio by a licensed psychologist with 37 years of experience reading nonverbal communication, body language and energy flow.

Your body knows more than your conscious mind. Your body remembers everything you have lived through.

Your body never forgets and never lies.

What Are the Benefits of Listening To Your Body?

You Know:
What you need to do to be healthy.
When to relax and rest.
How to heal physical problems.
What you need to eat to be healthy.
When you need to stop eating.
When you need more comfort and nourishment.
When to be more loving and sensitive.

“3 Reasons You Have a Body: Hear Your Body Talking” audio teaches you:

  1. The three reasons you have a physical body.
  2. The information your body knows which your conscious mind does not.
  3. How to receive physical data via your senses.
  4. How to use your body to reduce anxiety and calm frazzled nerves.
  5. How to stay in touch with your body so you are grounded and more secure in daily life.
  6. How to use your body to improve physical health.
  7. How to use your body to reach peak performance.
  8. How to use your body to enjoy life and have fun.

Learning how to sense the data in the body is fun and powerful.

After you learn to listen to and read your own body you can then read other people’s body language.

Are you ready to get in touch with the wisdom in your body?

If so, order “3 Reasons You Have a Body: Hear Your Body Talking” audio as mp3.

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