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Anxiety Treatment Question

“My life is ruined with anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Is there any hope for me? I have tightness in the chest with anxiety and cannot breathe. Drugs do not help.” Lisa in Australia

Natural Anxiety Treatment Answer

First, let me congratulate you on being aware of your anxiety. Unfortunately, most people live in denial about how anxious they are.

Millions of people do not know they are anxious even though their foot is jumping up and down. Or they are biting their nails while driving the car.

Feel hopeful and glad that you are not in denial. This means you can definitely overcome anxiety attacks and panic attacks naturally.

First, let’s review anxiety attack symptoms.

-Dr. Jeanette

Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

  1. Tightness in the chest, heart pounding
  2. Upset guts, flipping stomach
  3. Hyperventilating
  4. Cannot seem to catch your breath
  5. Thinking something terrible is going to happen
  6. Racing thoughts of disaster
  7. Cannot perform the task you need to perform

If you have any of the above you are having an anxiety attack or panic attack. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are similar.

A panic attack has a higher pitch than an anxiety attack. In both situations, you are overwhelmed. This means you are not present, relaxed and self-confident.

What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks occur when your thoughts get out of control. You may or may not be aware of the negative, mean, obsessive thoughts that you are thinking but they are there in your brain.

When your negative thoughts attack you, your nervous system gets very upset. This happens even if you are not aware of your negative thoughts.

Your attacking mental thoughts cause your anxiety symptoms to occur.

When you get caught up in your out of control mental energy you become overwhelmed by the energy of your thoughts. You can become so overwhelmed you are completely paralyzed. This is when you panic.

Current Anxiety Treatments

1. Medication

Drugs do not cure anxiety. Medication masks your anxiety problem. Drugs keep you from reducing your anxiety unless you deliberately use the medication with a therapeutic, desensitization plan to reduce your anxiety.

Legal anxiety medications are harmful to your body and should only be used in conjunction with an anxiety reduction program. Make sure you are in an anxiety reduction program with an experienced holistic psychologist who knows how to desensitize you to what makes you anxious.

2. Systematic Desensitization for Natural Anxiety Treatment

In the old days, during my post doctoral training at the Behavior Therapy Unit at Temple Medical School in the 1970’s with Joe Wolpe, MD, we used systematic desensitization to treat anxiety.

With systematic desensitization we taught people to relax their body and then imagine the things they were afraid of in small steps until they were no longer afraid.

Systematic desensitization is very effective in reducing anxiety attacks, panic attacks, PTSD, phobias, stress anxiety, social anxiety and GAD symptoms.

Systematic desensitization is still the treatment of choice for anxiety, anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Learning research proves that anxiety is a learned behavior. This means, if you learned something, you can unlearn it.


1. You do not have to live with anxiety for the rest of your life.

2. You can learn how to reduce and eliminate anxiety attacks.

Use desensitization. For example, if you have a fear of driving across a bridge based on a past experience that really happened to you, use systematic desensitization to get rid of your anxiety.

A stimulus specific desensitization program for anxiety is very effective.

3. Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Treatment

The most popular current treatment for anxiety is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CBT teaches you to think positive thoughts.

Having to think, about thinking positive thoughts, is probably the reason Cognitive Behavior Therapy has a high recidivism rate according to the last study I read. Recidivism, means the anxiety returns after the anxiety treatment.

Another reason Cognitive Behavior Therapy is limited is you obsess about positive thoughts in the exact same way you obsess about negative thoughts. Obsessing is the problem. Thinking is the problem.

You want to move beyond thinking to get out of your beta brainwaves. You access much more of your human potential when you overcome anxiety. You enjoy peak experiences.

4. Meditation and Mindfulness for Anxiety Treatment

Meditation and mindfulness are also used to treat anxiety with some degree of success. However, without a stimulus specific desensitization program you are not unlearning whatever makes you anxious.

In addition, meditation and mindfulness are the mind-trying-to-solve-its-own problem approach. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

This is absolutely correct when it comes to unlearning anxiety naturally. In order to unlearn your conditioning you must get out of your brain and the same consciousness that created your anxiety in the first place.

5. Yoga For Anxiety Treatment

If yoga works for you, use it. Be glad it works and do not worry about it!

However, if yoga does not stop your anxiety, notice how during yoga, your brain tells your body to posture itself in a certain way. Therefore, your brain is still the dictator.

In addition, when you use yoga you are not unlearning any of your specific anxiety responses and anxiety behaviors.

Relaxation Therapy and yoga are both limited if you do not include a desensitization program that addresses your specific learned anxiety behaviors so you unlearn your conditioned responses.

6. EMDR For Anxiety Help

EMDR is a simple technique that falls under the systematic desensitization program mentioned above. Dr. Wolpe recognized the value of EMDR as an effective tool before he died.

EMDR works to the degree that you are desensitizing your past memories and past conditioned responses so you unlearn them.

What is the Most Effective Anxiety Treatment?

Thinking positive thoughts is not enough. Talking about your anxiety is not enough. Relaxation Therapy is not even enough.

To be successful in reducing your anxiety you must unlearn the anxiety behaviors that you learned in the past.

To be self-confident you must get to the root cause of your anxiety and unlearn your anxious behaviors. Only then can you relax and enjoy life.

You must learn how to deal effectively with what makes you anxious and learn new ways to help yourself be effective.

Dr. Jeanette’s Original Approach

The anxiety treatment in this home study course is based on learning research AND includes the added benefits of body awareness, energy awareness and emotional expression.

Dr. Jeanette’s body based approach is dramatically different from a Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach or psychotherapy approach.

When you are in the middle of an anxiety attack, the first thing you need to do is stop hyperventilating.

The first lesson in the online course, “Overcome Anxiety Naturally” teaches you how to stop hyperventilating using a simple, proven method.

Read more and order the Overcome Anxiety Naturally Home Study Course.

Next, you need to stop thinking.

Instead, you need to get your awareness into your body so you relax your muscles and bones into the field of gravity.

During an anxiety attack, your awareness is in your head, thoughts and mind. This is the reason you are so upset, scared and irrational.

What if you cannot relax?

Your anxiety during an anxiety attack is fast and furious. Often, it is not possible to relax no matter what you do! This high level of anxiety is like lightning.

When you are anxious you are moving too fast. This fast energy is out of control and you need to take care of yourself immediately.

You do not want to ignore your anxiety, distract yourself, or pretend there is nothing to be afraid of. This would be a serious mistake and is not helpful.

Discounting your anxiety makes you more anxious in the future. Anxiety builds up over time and gets worse if not treated.

2 -Do something new and radical.

Listen and look inward. Consider your extra fat as a message from your body. Consider your extra fat as a message from your emotional self. Your need to overeat is definitely a screaming message to you. Listen and learn about the truths inside of you.

3- Feel your feelings.

The movement of your vital emotional energy burns up fat. When you feel your feelings, you access your vital energy. Do you know that fat slows you down?

If you let your emotional energy move through your body, things start to change and rearrange quickly and fast. This is a radically different, natural and new weight loss program. It gives you permanent weight loss because your body and self-esteem change.

It is common knowledge a fat person has a hard time thinking of him or herself as thin, even after they lose the weight. This is because they have not improved their self esteem or emotional health. Their identity is still fat, bad and ugly.

Are you hiding sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse with your weight? Are you avoiding anxiety about any of these real events in your life? Are you avoiding fear about any of the events in your past?

4 – Approach your current, overweight situation in terms of a discovery rather than drudgery.

Then you will have a lighter, more hopeful movement toward your goal. This applies to any and all messes, not just weight gain.

5- Stop trying to lose weight.

Instead put your energy and focus into improving your self esteem and achieving emotional health. Face your fear and anxiety and let go of negative body memories. Face your sexual abuse and get the fear and anxiety out of your body.

Put your energy into finding and loving your authentic emotional self. “Opening the Heart ” helps you find and love your emotional self. Effective self esteem work is permanent and changes your body forever.

The truth: When your need to over eat is no longer present, you do not overeat anymore!

Your fat decreases as you allow your vital energy to flow through your body. When you are dancing, joyful and moving all the time, fat burns right off your bones. Get rid of the heavy emotional and physical load you have been carrying.


6- Accept your current, overweight self with love.

Use understanding and compassion. Cultivate these qualities and give them to yourself. When you accept yourself right where you are, you feel better.

This act of self-acceptance is what begins the movement. There is an alive, vital person inside of you who wants to be free. Your real emotional self wants to have fun, play and enjoy life. You want to rock!

7-Remember: Your situation is not bigger than life; it is your life.

Since it is your life, you can solve your real problems. You can have fun along the way toward more self esteem and more relaxation. Do not exaggerate the out of control problem or your helplessness, instead face your real problems and deal with facts.

8-Focus on how you eat.

This is a test to see and find what is the source of your overweight problem. See how successful you can be with eating in a healthy, relaxed fashion. Note any discomfort and be honest with yourself. Do not fool yourself if you want to be thin, strong and healthy.

Focus on how you eat, not what you eat. Eat what you want and make it special. Sit down to eat with candle light, even for lunch.

Take a deep breath and relax your physical body. Remember you are accepting what is, without judgment. Eating is fun. Smile at yourself in the mirror at the thought of something funny about the situation. I know this is funny to you. This is one of your best qualities; you can always find something comical about “The Overweight Mess!”

Enjoy the food you are going to eat. What a concept. You enjoy eating very much. So slow down and eat as if you loved your food. Eat your food as if it loves you back. Chew it slowly and deliciously. Eating is a sensuous experience. Eating can be orgasmic.

Do not swallow your food until it is chewed up completely. Chew at least 32 times. Savor all the flavor and tastes and textures. Chew it thoroughly, then swallow.

Do not take another bite until this chewed up food hits your stomach. Slow down.

Once it lands in the stomach then take another deep breath and look around you and feel your body in the chair and be grateful for such a delight as being able to eat good food so many times a day. What a trip, what a delightful thing we need to do and get to do. Gratitude is a wonderful aspect to entertain at this point in your meal. Invite Her often to eat with you.

Then put some more of this great tasting divine food in your mouth. Chew it ever so slowly and thoroughly, while relaxing as many of your muscles as you can in your whole body. Feel your physical sensations and any emotional sensations that occur. Again do not take a new bite until the chewed up bite enters your stomach. Stop to take a breath between each bite. Again look around and be grateful for the pleasure of being human.

You will experience discomfort and anxiety when you first attempt to eat this slow. This is excellent.

Now you are becoming aware of the source of your overweight problem. Anxiety! Fear! Scary Emotions! This is the source of your overeating problem. You are anxious and fearful.

Anxiety is what makes you eat too fast and too much in the first place. You are becoming aware of the anxiety that makes you eat too much. You must reduce the anxiety in your body and nervous system if you want permanent weight loss.

9- Your before, during and after weight loss program must include anxiety reduction or you will never achieve permanent weight loss.

The extra fat in your body is due to your real fear and irrational anxiety. The solution is to learn how to reduce your anxiety and face your real fears. A great place to get started and learn how to reduce your anxiety is the Overcoming Anxiety Naturally home study course. Bargain priced and includes the Opening the Heart audio.

10- Feeling your real fear and other real emotions will help you maintain your permanent weight loss.

Permanent weight loss will be yours when you stop avoiding your real fear and other real emotions. You can feel your emotions and use them to empower you as you go through life.

When you face and deal with your real problems your emotional health improves so there is no need to gain your weight back! You are emotionally comfortable and emotionally secure.

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