Looking for a How to Study Guide with Effective Study Skills? Want to Give Your Freshman A Study Guide for Self-Confidence?

Learn How to Study Efficiently for Your First Semester

Dr. Jeanette created a one hour, “How to Study Guide: 7 Study Skills to Peak Performance,” for first year college students. The material is also appropriate for teens and adults. Available as mp3 or CD, $29.97.


Learn how to study so you do not stress out when it is time for your first test.

Effective study skills can help you reduce your anxiety so you perform your best on your first test.

On this audio you learn how to study each day so that you are prepared for your examination. You can sleep well the night before your test knowing you are prepared.

You will be relaxed enough to do your best during your test.

You can learn to use your natural talents to perform at school without worrying.

Albert Einstein was dyslexic and did not dress the way others thought he “should” dress. Thomas Edison could not function in school and dropped out. Being creative is still not rewarded in the current school system. Many work places do not know emotional intelligence helps your performance. Nevertheless, you can learn how to use your unique learning abilities to reach peak performance.

Benefits of Listening to “How to Study Guide: 7 Study Skills to Peak Performance”


  1. Read something and remember it.
  2. Concentrate when you need to.
  3. Comprehend what you are reading.
  4. Use your strongest sense to learn.
  5. Glean important points from the material.
  6. Take the breaks you need to stay sharp.
  7. Study for a shorter about of time by paying attention.
  8. Use your body to know and remember more.
  9. Use music, games, physical activity to learn better.
  10. Relax and perform well when needed.

Rae Quigley, a young Internet radio host, improved her grades by using Dr. Jeanette’s “How to Study Guide: 7 Mind-Body Study Skills to Peak Performance.”
Rae interviewed Dr. Jeanette on her internet radio show, “An Audience of One” and immediately put into action two of Dr. Jeanette’s suggestions.

“Do not freak out during exams, there is help. Let Dr. Jeanette teach you good study habits that will improve your grades.”
Rae Quigley

“This material is the best you have presented so far, I really learned a lot.”
Kayla Sabrina, MD. a practicing physician

Within a few weeks Rae’s grades began to improve. She was happy and so were her parents. Four years later Rae’s grades are still stellar.

Professionals and business people can also use this mind-body material to work smarter, not harder.

Why would a person who has an MD and has been in private practice for 20 years, say such positive things about the mind-body information on this study guide?

Because all of us can use more of our human potential.

Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with 35 years of experience teaching people how to use more of their brain and body. If you do not know Dr. Jeanette, read Dr. Doris Jeanette’s bio.

Dr. Jeanette began developing effective ways to study during her first stressful, overwhelming exam period in college at East Carolina University in 1966.

As soon as she learned about anxiety and learning research in her psychology courses she began to put into practice what she learned in her own study habits. An interesting fact: Dr. Jeanette was placed in the “stupid class” in the fifth grade in Siler City, North Carolina. Her self esteem was degraded but her spirit was not. She knew she was different but she also knew she was smart.

In 1979 Doris Jeanette Ward Keller successfully competed a Post Doc in learning psychology at Temple Medical School. Dr. Jeanette is living proof that you can be academically successful even if you learn differently from others. There are many ways to absorb information. There are many ways to store what you learn and access the information when you need it.

You too, can be successful at school. Save time and energy by studying effectively and efficiently. Then you will have more time for friends and fun.

Dr. Jeanette’s audio study guide is pleasant to listen to, without any annoying music or an irritating voice. This study guide is based on solid learning psychology research, mind-body facts, psychophysical research and creative ideas about how to be smart and use more of your brain and body.

When you put this audio in your ears:

You Feel:

  • Comforted.
  • Reassured.

And know you have what it takes to succeed.

Money back guarantee.