Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Do Others Call You “Too Sensitive?” Are You Longing to Be More Successful in Life?

Dr. Doris Jeanette is a Highly Sensitive Person and Empathizes with You.

Psychological research has found that almost 20% of the population fall into a normal category called a highly sensitive person. Most of the research on HSP has been done by Dr. Elaine Aron.

Like any self-reported psychological test, HSP is a loosely defined category. So, please do not put yourself in a HSP box. It is not in your best interest to use the knowledge that you could be a highly sensitive person to label yourself with a sharp definition that defines you.

Instead, use the reality that highly sensitive people are normal human beings to empower yourself. The world has judged you as “too sensitive” long enough.

It is time for you to enjoy feeling good about your highly sensitive nature. Use the fact that 20% of the human population is highly sensitive to become more comfortable with your natural abilities and talents.

Use the definition of a highly sensitive people to help you feel normal, healthy and strong.

Definition of a Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person is someone who can sense and feel more information and data than the average person.

The type of information can be subtle and it can be in any form. For example, a sound, an odor, a body feeling, an emotional feeling and other sort of physical pressure.

The bottom line is you pick up more data from your surroundings than others. This is a wonderful and powerful human trait.

If the HSP trait is like the normal curve, there is probably another 30% of the human population that are considered to be sensitive. While 20% are highly insensitive and 30% are insensitive.

Use the knowledge and definition of the highly sensitive person to help you accept yourself so you shine.

Accepting your sensitive or highly sensitive nature will help you relax and be yourself in the world.

When you learn to support yourself and take care of yourself in the world, you will be successful, healthy and happy.

Don’t worry if you are or are not a HSP, learn to accept and support the part of you that is sensitive. The truth is the whole world needs to become more sensitive so we stop hurting each other.

Therefore, it is important for you to love your basic nature and feel good about yourself. The world needs you to shine and show the way.

To help you achieve your goals and self actualize Dr. Jeanette has written a special report, “7 Steps to Success as a Highly Sensitive Person.”

This 31 page special report addresses your concerns, challenges and confusion as a highly sensitive person.

“I’m reading your guide for highly sensitive people today. I love it. I have believed for so long that I was so weird and so weak, that I had no business being out there with ‘normal people’. But by page five of your report, I felt that I deserve my place out in the world. Thank you so much for writing this report.” – Lilly a small business owner from California

What are Some of Your Biggest Challenges?

Anxiety. Anxiety is easy to pick up and highly contagious. Therefore, as a young highly sensitive child, you learned how to be anxious from the adults around you more easily than others.

Confusion and Self Doubt. Your uncertainly occurs because you are not sure what is real and what is not real. You feel, sense and know something and you are often told you are wrong and too sensitive.

Emotional Security. For most human beings, emotional security is extremely challenging. This is because as a species we have yet to reach emotional maturity. As a highly sensitive person you are often extremely empathic and kinesthesia. Because you sense others so easily and quickly, it is harder for you to differentiate your authentic emotional energy from other people’s emotional energy until you learn how to do this.

Dr. Jeanette offers solutions, practical advice and a deep understanding of how you learned your anxiety and self doubt. If you don’t know Dr. Jeanette, a holistic psychologist with 40 years of experience, check out her colorful bio.

Perhaps you are highly sensitive or your child is highly sensitive. Perhaps your partner is HSP and you would like to become more sensitive toward him or her instead of being judgmental.

This report will help you, your friends and family become more understanding and accepting of each other.

How Will You Benefit From Reading Dr. Jeanette’s Report?

You will know how to:

  • Use your sensitive nature to excel at work.
  • Allow more intimacy between you and others.
  • Deal with being overwhelmed.
  • Know the reason you get confused and correct it.
  • Understand how you learned to doubt yourself so you can unlearn it.
  • Feel good about being so sensitive.

In “7 Steps to Success as a Highly Sensitive Person” you learn how to deal with your sensitive nature in healthy life affirming ways. You discover how you can use your sensitive gifts to be successful at work and play.

For example, imagine how wonderful it will feel when you learn how to handle being overwhelmed so it does not throw you off balance. Visualize yourself becoming stronger and more secure.

Just think how empowering it will be to understand the reason you get confused and have self doubt. With this knowledge you will be able to unlearn this unhelpful behavior.

“7 Steps to Success as a Highly Sensitive Person” also gives you tons of support and encouragement to be yourself and shine.

In essence, Dr. Jeanette teaches you how to transform your sensitive nature into an asset instead of a liability. The process of achieving this transformation can be exciting and fun.

Advantages to Being A Highly Sensitive Person

Greater Survival Value. As a highly sensitive person you notice problems such as toxins in your environment before others and can avoid them.

More Empathic. You can sense and feel others. Once you know what energy is yours and what energy belongs to others, you will be stronger,more intuitive and trust your inner knowing. You can be skillful at body language, energy awareness, body awareness and emotional awareness.

More Loving. What does the world need more of? Love. You have the ability to be more loving toward others without any effort or trouble. You automatically empathize with others and this naturally makes you more loving because you care. You feel others. Love is the strongest energy on the planet, therefore, love will make you strong and resilient.

Could your highly sensitive nature become the dominant characteristic of the future human being? Dr. Jeanette thinks so. Find out what else she has to say about the highly sensitive person.

Order the Special Report: “7 Steps to Success as a Highly Sensitive Person.” Let Dr. Jeanette guide you through the process of accepting, developing and using your natural gifts to your advantage. 31 page PDF file, $19.97.