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Let Marcia Yudkin, Author of 11 Books, Teach You the “6 Principles of Clear Business Thinking”

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Did you know that fuzzy thinking is a common block to personal and professional success?

When I first attended Marcia Yudkin’s marketing class at Skidmore College in the 1980’s at the International Women’s Writing Guild summer conference, I was amazed at how clearly Marcia’s mind processed information.

I went to Marcia’s class, just to observe how her mind worked. After I learned the content of what she was teaching I continued to go to her classes to soak up “how” she processed information.

I was curious to learn how she weeded out the irrelevant data so quickly. I couldn’t do what she was doing! I had fuzzy thinking when it came to the business side of my psychology practice.

She would proceed from what I would call a serious problem to a workable solution in minutes. Her problem solving was beautiful to behold! And her results were extremely effective.

Marcia had the clearest mind I had ever encountered. Even all the famous teachers I had worked and studied with did not have a mind as clear as Marcia.

Many of my teachers were famous and their minds were nothing to marvel about! Marcia’s mind was a marvel.

To be successful you must learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You must be able to do this over and over again in your life and in your business.

MDs are trained to practice Triage. Triage means they make a quick and accurate decision of which person in the emergency room needs the attention first…then they attend to that person. You need to learn to do this in everything you do.

Yet, no one teaches you to do triage unless you have been to a professional school. And even then, no one teaches you how to think clearly in other situations.

There are no classes on clear thinking in graduate school or the first grade! So I thought it would be wise to learn more about Marcia’s thinking process. Maybe she could help the rest of us think more clearly.

Therefore, I asked Marcia to join me for one of my holistic psychology teleseminars to teach the rest of us how to think more clearly.

Look at the amazingly clear e-mail Marcia sent to me after I asked her to share with me and my audience the process of how her mind works.

Notice the process Marcia goes through just to answer my request. I did not edit the email.

This same process is what you need to learn to do with your own mind to improve the results you get.

“Doris, I’d like to do this, and let’s schedule it some time in the summer.

And I’d love to have your help thinking this through.

It would be great if we could come up with something like, “6 Principles of Clear Business Thinking” for this teleseminar. I’d like to deemphasize personality and culture as factors because people can’t help how they were born or raised and emphasize some learnable skills or habits.

I can think of two principles or habits I use that I suspect other people can learn, even if they come to me rather instinctively. There must be more, and with your help maybe we can figure them out.

1. Take emotion out of the equation. I’m not saying emotions are irrelevant – they certainly are important – but it helps to step outside of what you want and what you feel and to think about the situation dispassionately. I’m often saying to my clients about a problem they’re facing, “Don’t take this personally!” When you peel off emotion from the situation, it’s easier to find a solution. Sometimes the problem just evaporates on its own when you do this.

2. Adopt the viewpoint of your audience or target market. Step outside of your own point of view and think it through from the standpoint of whoever you’re trying to persuade. This is really challenging and yet incredibly valuable for business owners and professionals. I believe this too is a habit people can learn.

Well, already I can see a third strategy I use.”

and Marcia went on, in a straight line to pop out all 6 principles in this one email. She concluded:

“Here I thought I didn’t know how I think clearly and just by starting with what I do know, other things become clear. It helps to talk or write this through to take your thinking farther. I look forward to your feedback!

Thanks for asking, Doris.


See what I mean? How cool is Marcia’s mind? Very cool. And clear!

She started the email out without a clue of what the 6 principals would be. She finished the email by popping all 6, one by one, just like a mother hen drops eggs.

Marcia Yudkin teaches you 6 tried and true ways that help you move from a confusing problem to a practical, workable, creative solution. These are big concepts that work. You can use them again and again to help you think more clearly.

You can:

  1. Improve your brain health for now and later!
  2. Stop reacting to people and start networking with them.
  3. Believe in yourself and your own ability to be effective.
  4. Find solutions to your problems.