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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: You are wonderful.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


How is your Chinese Wood Dragon spring moving along? Are you blooming?
Or, stuck in the mud? Or, perhaps you are unaware of your energy. I’m
not happy about all the changes required of me to spring forward.
However, I know my choice is to bloom. No matter what it takes to
transform more of my defensive self into more of my true self, I am
going to enjoy more vibrant moments and bodyful experiences. An
ordinary, mundane life is not for me.

Do you want to bloom and let your light shine? Or, do you want your
Inner Critic to be the boss?

While taming your thought monster, Inner Critic and shadow self is
not an easy ride down the lazy river, you can be successful riding
the rapids and falls of this amazing journey. Be honest. What is
going on beneath the surface in your life? Where is your energy
moving forward and where are you stuck? Like most people, you
probably have some resistance, fear and anxiety. Resistance, fear and
anxiety occurs because the natural process of personal growth
requires you to let go of control.

Yikes, yes, you have to let go of control in order to transform your
energy. There is no other pathway that gets rid of your controlling
and out of control egos. This is the point in therapy where most of
my clients would want to stop because therapy was “not working.” In
1980, I began to see a pattern. Just when my clients could have a
breakthrough and feel fantastic and free, they wanted to run away and
hide. Umm, the pattern became clearer as I learned more about the
natural process of becoming more alive and radiant.

Yes, it is scary to let go of control. I sometimes want to run away
and hide in the darkness just like everyone else. And sometimes I do,
but not forever. It helps to take yourself to task. I pull myself by
the shirt collar and force myself to look in the mirror at what I am
expressing in this moment in reality as I go through my day. Take a
look at yourself. What is your Inner Critic saying to you that you
are not hearing? What are you avoiding, denying and feeling? What is
it in your unconscious you do not want to see and be responsible for?
“No, no, that is not me, I am good, right and superior.”

Is your desire to be free stronger than your fear of letting go of
control? The decision is yours to make. Your Inner Critic loves to
tell you its control is needed to make you do the right thing. This
is the biggest lie ever told. You can trust your inner strengths and
heart to lead the way with love and compassion.

Your real fears are the safe and sane pathway to freedom and joy.
This is because being aware of the real fears around you, keeps you
grounded as you learn how to trust your unique natural flow of energy.
You do not need control. For more fear help study the second audio in
Opening the Heart, called “Fear. the pathway to freedom and joy.”

To start your natural process of transformation, all you have to do
is stop blaming outside forces for what you are experiencing. Slow
down and be quiet. Look in the mirror at your face, body and energy
field. Your body speaks the truth, not your thoughts. If you stop and
listen to your body and emotional self you know what is going on in
reality. Dig deep into the well of darkness and resurface with your
monsters that need to be tamed. Bring your dark, shadow self and
hard-to-admit-it-is-me energy out into the light.

You are the only one who can bring your Inner Critic up to your
conscious mind and expose its energy. You can choose to be
responsible for your controlling and out of control egos. The process
of transformation gets easier, once you are responsible for your ego.
When you see the truth of how much you are hurting yourself, it is
usually easy to let go of the part of you that is attacking you. The
only sticky part that might hang you up is, guilt. For more about
guilt, visit

Here is a secret trick that guarantees your success in transforming
more of your defensive self into more of your true self. Don’t judge
your judgmental self—no matter what he or she has done. Accept what
you have exposed. Do not make yourself wrong or bad about anything
you discover. When you stop judging your judgmental self,
transformation is complete. You rise above your conditioned response
into the reality where man’s judgmental thoughts do not exist.

Finally, you can relax and enjoy more vibrant moments living fully in
your body because you are not going to make yourself wrong or bad
about anything. Being bodyful feels great compared to living in your
thoughts. Being in your body is heaven on earth. Being in your body is
being in reality.

When you are more alive radiating outward self-confidence,
other people’s heavy judgmental energy is easy to see for what it is.
With more self-esteem, you also have the power needed to protect
yourself from any real harm.

You are not resonating with judgmental energy or attracting it. You are
having more vibrant moments and enjoying your loving heart and wise soul.


BECOME AWARE OF YOUR ENERGY: Learn to feel the difference between
your defensive ego and your true self in the first hour of the
Opening the Heart audio series called “Feelings: The challenge of our
species.” The second hour is called, “Fear. the pathway to freedom and joy.”
It teaches you how to stay with real fear so you get rid of anxiety and
resistance. Priceless information about the energy of fear and
anxiety helps you become more self-confident and emotionally secure.

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LIVE A GUILT FREE LIFE: Get support and guidance in removing the
sticky energy of guilt when you study the holistic psychology
educational audio, “Find Peace Beyond Guilt and Judgment.”

“That was awesome! Thank you. It was stuff that we’ve talked about
before, but for some reason it really hit me last night. Now I
understand even more why I need to remember that what my head says is
illusion, but what my heart is telling me is real. I get it!” Ermine,
Washington, DC.

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