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In This Issue
1. Is Your Soul in Charge?
2. How much are you Controlled by Guilt?
1. Is Your Soul in Charge?
Seriously, do you listen to or follow or even notice your soul as you go though your day? The first time I tried to access my soul, I was over whelmed with its beauty and power. Took me years to get close to its magic and accept its powers. Honestly, I still do not accept its powers.
The first time someone mentioned to me that my soul picked my parents. I was a bit skeptical. “Really?’ I thought.

Naturally, I tried this foreign idea on to see if it fit. I love anything foreign. To this day I do not know if my soul did or did not pick my parents. But I do know for sure, when I see the world though this point of view, I feel powerful.

Real power as with real energy is all I care about. When I take credit for my trip on this planet, as if my soul did pick my parents, I am in charge. I love to be in charge. I want my soul to be in charge. I do not want any outside authorities in charge of me or my life. Not my parents and not a guru and not a government.

For more ideas about your karma and soul, parents and emotional healing, listen to Djuna Wojton, author of Karmic Healing and I talk about these issues at “Live at the Edge,” internet radio at its best.

Djuna interviewed me back in the 1980’s in Philadelphia, on her radio show at WXPN at the University of Pennsylvania. I was exploring new, holistic psychology ways to heal myself and others. She was one of the few people interested in what I was up to……Philadelphia was a cold and closed community back then.
Controlled by Guilt?

I was interviewed this week by Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of ewomennetwork on her NBC radio show. Sandra also has an interview in the archives of the “Live at the Edge,” library. She is the one who reminded us to Show Up! …..Showing up is 80% of your success right there. Read that post if you have not.

Guilt was the major emotional health block we ended up talking about. Guilt stops us from being alive. Guilt kills us dead.

You cannot be happy, strong or healthy if guilt is stuck all over you. Read an article on living a guilt free life in the free holistic psychology library at Dr. Jeanette’s Holistic Psychology Web Site.

An exercise in Guilt:

Notice how many times you say “I should” or “I should not.” Each time you catch yourself saying these words, notice how you feel. Do you feel anything? Guilt is not a real feeling so you experience guilt because you have judged yourself or someone else has judged you.

I suggest you notice your Judgment of yourself and stop it. Click on that link for a fun, revealing view of Judgment. Those evil eyes judge you every time.

Have fun growing and becoming more of who you really are. If you need help finding your emotional wellness inside your own heart, listen to or read, “Opening the Heart” as soon as you can. Life is too short to keep wasting yours.

Doris Jeanette, copyright, January 19, 2007

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