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This is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese. My acupuncturist told me this bit of knowledge while I was still on the table. He continued, “That means it is the year of transformation.”

I said, “Rats, I am a rat and always wanted to be a dragon.” He said, Rat is Dragon’s best friend.” “So what, being a rat is no fun.” He said, “Rats are brilliant.” “So what, like Lilly Tomlin said, “Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat! Who wants to be a brilliant rat?”

Well, now my envy is fully disclosed. Dragon Envy. If you suffer from any sort of envy, know that you could actively engage in transformation in the year of the Wood Dragon this year with more success than ever before. Let all the dragons you know help you. And allow your brilliant rat friends to help the dragons give you more of what you deserve. We all need lots of help. It is only your ego that rejects help and doesn’t receive the teachings of others.

In terms of learning research, the definition of transformation is, you suddenly find yourself relaxed in a situation that used to make you anxious. Without thinking about it, you are no longer anxious about whatever it was that you used to be nervous about. This dramatic change has occurred because you have successfully de-conditioned the conditioned response that makes you tighten your body in the first place.

When you succeed in fully unlearning a reaction, your body changes its form. Yes, transformation means you permanently eliminate some of your defensive ego energy so it is no longer physically present. Puff! Gone. Your body is at ease in the presence of the original trigger that used to scare you to death. Yes, sometimes when you hold your breath, you feel terrified and parts of your body are rigid. When your physical body changes how it looks and feels, transformation is in process.

When your body fully relaxes, your natural process of transformation is complete. Naturally, when you relax your physical body, this allows more healthy energy to flow through you. Your extra energy is radiating, empowering and obvious. No matter what your original trigger stimulus was, the reason you are relaxed is because you are more emotionally secure. You feel safe instead of anxious because you are no longer afraid.

Transformation is fulfilling because you feel more emotionally secure. What is there not to love about being relaxed and enjoying more vibrant moments? Unfortunately, we are afraid of relaxing because our ego is too scared to let go of control. It never will. This means you need to overpower your controlling ego, with your Inner Strengths. If you use the part of you that is big enough, strong enough, smart enough and willing enough, you will be able to protect your emotional self from the mental attacks coming from your bully brain that has been brainwashed with thoughts that are incorrect.

To set in motion your natural process of transformation, all you need to do is gather the courage to let go of any defensive ego energy that you are currently expressing. Your defensive ego energy controls you and keeps you stuck in the mundane, ordinary moments of life. When you let go of any amount of defensive ego energy, you become more of who you really are. You experience vibrant moments automatically because you are free to move and be yourself without fear of judgment. You are whole and happy in your body as you move through space.

Use the year of the Dragon to help you transform more of your defensive ego into freedom and joy. Being true to yourself also requires many hours of deep emotional healing to undo the damage your judgmental attacks have done to your emotional self and body. Creating a loving relationship with your emotional self and body is the secret to enjoying your time on planet earth.

Dive to the bottom of your unconscious in the year of the Wood Dragon, trust your natural process and resurface with more joy, light and love. Visit for free resources, support and knowledge to help you stand up to your nasty ego and overcome Dragon Envy.

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